Canon PowerShot A470 £49.98 collect @ Argos

Canon PowerShot A470 £49.98 collect @ Argos

Found 22nd Jul 2009
maybe an older model but for the money....


An excellent camera - but it has been this price at Argos for many weeks - short of stock at most locations now...

if you can't find it the [email protected] Argos outlet has an old model Canon 5 series at a bargain price.

Bought this camera in silver the last time it was at this price. Not the smallest of cams.... but fantastic picture quality. Very, very good for the price.

I can totally recommend this camera has been at that price since way back in April when i bought it to take to New York ....has to be said for the pricepoint the shots are absolutly stunning and amazing!!

Buy good battteries and ensure u buy a 2/4 gb SD card ( will take the high speed one too!) as the one that comes with gives u about 6 photos!( bit pointless really!)

All in all a great buy....i got one for my hols and then my parents wanted a new one so got them this too as the ease of use and point and shoot is there with more advanced features for those in the know.

The video is also great ( something i would never normally rate in cameras) but i did a test clip round my apartment and had music playin on the laptop in the lounge and from the furthest away point ( of an old victorian build so kinda big) it had picked up the music playing from the other room and the film quality was great.

go buy!

No stock in any of several Argos Extras I've checked, for any of the various colours of this camera.

I got this. Brilliant and simple to use although not a hotdeal at the moment as usual price.
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