Canon Powershot Cashback 2nd Chance

Canon Powershot Cashback 2nd Chance

Found 23rd May 2007
I know that this was posted by Bookie for the first bank holiday weekend in May and that it has been unclear if it was running this weekend as well so thought it was worth a repost, to confirm it is from Thursday 24th to Tuesday 29th May.

PowerShot A550= £30
PowerShot A560= £40
PowerShot A570 IS* = £50
PowerShot A710 IS* = £50
PowerShot A630= £50
PowerShot A640= £60

Promotion Page…on/

PDF Claim form…pdf

Amazon and Ebuyer are both included in the valid stores (no not sure what others are) Make sure you buy within dates, one of the models shown and keep/print recipt and send to canon before 11th June.

This should be a good deal if the stores play fair but last time they started bumping prices up.

Thanks to Bookie for original post.


Tecno & Cameras2u have already increased their prices ready for the start of the cashback promotion tomorrow! we go again !


£136.99 for A630!

Where does it say what stores are included in the deal? I want to get one from Amazon, but cant see anywhere where it says that Amazonis included. Cheers
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