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Canon Wireless Pixma Printer TS3350 - £25 + £2.95 collection @ Wilko

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The Canon Wireless Pixma Printer TS3350 is an affordable, compact and comprehensive printer. The Pixma TS3350 boasts seamless wireless connectivity, a 1.5 inch mono LCD and FINE cartridges for sharp document text and vivid borderless photos. Optional XL cartridges mean you can print more for less too. Stay compact and connected! Enjoy multifunctionality and smooth wireless connectivity, print, scan and connect to the cloud* via the Canon PRINT app or get printing with AirPrint (iOS) and Mopria (Android).

  • Seamless wireless connectivity
  • Includes 2 FINE Cartridges (1 black and 1 colour)
  • Print, scan and connect to the cloud*

With wireless connectivity at the touch of a button, intuitive 1.5 inch mono LCD and even easier set-up, it's never been simpler to get started. The creative capabilities are endless too! Stock up with 5 x 5 inch square, restickable and magnetic media and try out the creative options of the Easy-Photo Print. Use high-capacity Canon XL ink cartridges and save up to 30% per page, compared to standard equivalents.

  • Brand: Canon
  • Colour: Black Pack
  • Size: 48.8 x 19.6 x 39.8cm
  • Height: 39.8CM
  • Material: Plastic, Metal
  • Width: 19.6CM Depth: 48.8CM
  • Model No: TS3350

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  1. Avatar
    cheap to run?
    Running CostsAs is so often the case, low-cost printers such as the TS3350 MkII can surprise you with a nasty sting in the tail when it’s time to buy replacement ink cartridges. That’s very much the case with the TS3350, especially if you buy the smallest, standard-size cartridges.

    The TS3350 uses just two ink cartridges – one for black ink, and a ‘tri-colour’ cartridge that holds all three coloured inks (cyan, magenta and yellow). The standard-size cartridges cost £15.49 for black ink, and £19.49 for the tri-colour cartridge. Both cartridges last for just 180 pages each, which works out at a whopping 8.6p for mono printing and a just-about-acceptable 10.8p for colour.
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    Before buying any printer. Always check the price of ink cartridges, toners and look to see if you can get compatible or refilled inks and toners.

    Never blindly buy without checking. Or you could get a massive shock how small the carts are and how quickly you can use them up.

    Your better to get a printer with 4, 5 or 6 separate colours as opposed to the tri-colour one's. If you use up one colour, you have to replace or refill the whole cartridge.

    Also, if you don't print a lot or very often, inkjet printers can dry up and clog the print head (fatal on Epson's). Ask yourself how much and how frequently you need to print. Do you really need colour every time or will a mono laser do. The price of colour lasers have come down a lot over the years.
    I remember an old Epson photo printer that used to go through whole cartridges just to unblock the head...really expensive to run. I have an Epson WF-2750 now (yeah I know...I swore blind I wouldnt buy another Epson) several years on and to be honest it's been really good. Head doesnt block up and I use cheap aftermarket cartridges in it. I don't photo print anymore, just regular stuff.
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    Cheap. But expensive to run. I used to get several non genuine cartridges for £10 for my Brother printer. Replaced it with a Canon Pixma. Big mistake. The cartridges are about £40 and the non genuine ones don't go under £30 very often. Also, the XL cartridges are OK but with the normal size ones you don't get a lot of prints. I've purchased the Canon because it was cheap, but it is too expensive to run. (edited)
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    To everyone saying cartridges are expensive and that you should consider this before buying any printer - printer cartridges are very easy to manually refill and bottles of ink are very cheap to buy.
    I do exactly this myself
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    Have one of these but without the display, it's bulky and noisy.
    It replaced an Epson Xpression. The Epson was a better printer, much quieter, smaller, better prints and easier to set up. Also cartridges are sperate and dirt cheap plus simple and cheap to refill.

    Epson's use very high quality print heads,the only problem is they are not user replaceable. If you don't use often you risk clogging the head.
    Use it regularly and you won't have an issue.

    I bought the canon as the print head is part of the cartridge. Quality is not as good.
    On the plus side you can use much cheaper non genuine cartridges or refill.

    My mother has a newish HP, bloomin awful thing. Difficult to set up, tries to force you to sign up and register the printer before you can use it via online servers. Why should an online server be needed for printing?
    I bypassed all that(on your bike HP).
    It goes through ink like crazy. Brand new cartridges hold hardly any ink and don't last 5 mins, common issue on HP printers.
    I now refill the cartridges, no need for silly instant ink nonsense.

    Having said all that this is a decent deal if you are prepared to refill your own cartridges. To be honest it's simple with the proper kits available. (edited)
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    Just for anyone going to store, I went to Newcastle under Lyme which showed 3 in stock but only one on the shelf...turned out to be empty box. The stock is held out the back so make sure you check website showed 2 left in stock there
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    Everything has been said, noisy, clunky, expensive ink cartridge. For my Pixma I buy ink in a bottle with a  needle. Peel back a sticker, holes will be there to refil (or you may have to drill a small hole). Cartridge will still read empty so you don’t really know how much left. Just keep going till the print starts to fade. Refil is easy, just take care and do it over a sink, or on an old towel, don’t get it on a carpet or chair.
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    I need a printer, current cannon on last legs but has served me well. It uses the multi colour cartridge system and has been so cheap to run. Could never go back to the 2 cartridge system.
  9. Avatar
    Got this printer for my parents a couple of years ago. It's cheap for a reason, mono LCD display only displays the most basic info. Difficult when trying to resolve a technical issue. Also as mentioned a few times in this thread, cartridges and refills are expensive.
  10. Avatar
    Avoid!!! as already mentioned this printer doesn't do anything well.
  11. Avatar
    Great price
  12. Avatar
    Delivery £4.95 ?
  13. Avatar
    Was looking for a printer. Thanks, ordered
    I was looking for a printer then I found a printer and heaven knows I’m miserable now
  14. Avatar
    Got one but delivery was £4.95,but used a 15% off code from unidays for any spend over £30 so I added some cheap add ons to take it over £30 so it negates the delivery charge
  15. Avatar
    Anyone being offered store collection for £2.95?
  16. Avatar
    Canon was a worst printer I ever had, second worst was HP. Buy Brother.
  17. Avatar
  18. Avatar
    Replacement ink might not be the cheapest but most other replacement inks are just as expensive. Unfortunately there's no cheap replacement ink regardless of printer brand or model. For this price, you can't complain as this is still a decent printer.
    Not true, my Epson xp4100 printer is 2 years old and ink cartridges are £2 each. Its currently £90 on amazon. You just need to research before buying.
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    Looks like oos
  20. Avatar
    Will never ever buy inkjet
  21. Avatar
    how do we do click and collect? my local store has 5 in but I can't see where to collect it.
  22. Avatar
    Avoid, there are better alternatives out there!
  23. Avatar
    Bought one in Bolton store, priced on shelve at £50 scanned at £25. Still got 4 left
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    Great price. Newer printers are built to fail or have high maintenance costs when they lock themselves and demand a service. Can’t go wrong at this price for an inkjet, unless you print loads
  25. Avatar
    its worth it for the scanner alone, which can be useful
  26. Avatar
    Will this do the job if I take it in the bath? I'm looking to avoid the electricity bill
  27. Avatar
    I found the cartridges in the machine did not last long at all. Incredibly flimsy lid too.

    Also the setup manual for this printer is dreadful. (edited)