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Cans of Diet Coke, Exotic Mango flavour, 19p each at Home Bargains

Cans of Diet Coke, Exotic Mango flavour, 19p each at Home Bargains

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Posted 27th Sep
Diet coke, exotic mango flavour with best before date of 31/10/19 for 19p at Home Bargains (rrp 69p)
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I'm not really a Cola lover but I would be interested in trying this flavour. Heat for posting @Leer
Great Price! Heat added
I didn't like the flavour.
I thought it was a marmite drink - love it or hate it. Me, I couldn't decide.
Horrid taste
Gross lol
I'd rather drink water than this crap and I can't stand water lol
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It’s terrible taste
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19p ..... will give it a try
I personally love this flavour.
You can see why they are so cheap have you tried smelling this Vanilla coke it smells rank.
Tried this once, really not for me. Didn't like the flavour at all.
Nowhere near as nice as it sounds unfortunately
Not convinced on the flavour but hear for the deal as if it's for you a total no brainer
Ah Mango. Man go no thanks!
31/10/19 best before Brexit coke
Tastes disgusting.

But at 19p a corner, I'll force this down...

Gonna buy a few craters tomorrow....

Kindest regards


Warmth issued
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Why do the words Coke and Brexit bring an image of to you?

Not going to argue against the phrase, not at any price!

Not voted on the heat of this.
It's 19p coz it tastes like artificial rot your insides gunk.
Freezing cold from me.
Boiling hot from me, absolutely love this drink!!!
Love this ! Bought it for 8p a can at JTF !
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