Canterbury Mens and Womens Tracksuit Bottoms £18 to £24 delivered @ Chain Reaction

Canterbury Mens and Womens Tracksuit Bottoms £18 to £24 delivered @ Chain Reaction

Found 24th Aug 2009
Hi there

First time posting a deal - so apologies in advance for any mess ups.

Canterbury 1/4 Zip Stadium Pants £24.00
RRP £34.99 Save 31%
Available in: Black and Navy - Small to X Large…764

Canterbury Combination Sweat Pants £18.00
RRP £27.99 Save 36%
Available in: Black, Navy and Grey - Small to X Large…776

Canterbury Stadium Pant £22.00
RRP £36.99 Save 41%
Available in: Black, Charcoal and Navy - Small to X Large…420

Canterbury Stadium Pants - Open Hem £22.00
RRP £35.99 Save 39%
Available in: Black and Navy - Small to X Large…775

Canterbury Stadium Pants Ladies - Open Hem £22.00
RRP £34.99 Save 37%
Available in: Navy, White and Black - Sizes 8 - 16…777

I thought it was a pretty good deal for these, as I bought a pair of the Open Hem Male a year ago for £34.99, and the only reason I am replacing them is because I got them caught on my bike chain a few times!

The one thing I will say is that I think the sizes are quite big, but there is a free returns policy which I have used, so you can send it back if they aren't the right size.




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Is there any particular reason this is being voted so cold?

Are they cheaper somewhere else?? If so, please tell me so I can save some money! ha ha

The next cheapest I see them is £33.00.....

Good way to put a newbie off - I know the feeling!

Shouldn't be allowed to post neg without reason..... no doubt the reason will be 'can get cheaper pants at the market'. OP don't worry there are many idiots on here, when they do post a neg reason it is embarrassing...

Anyone know if the Office of Fair Trading are looking into cycle shops (as in this thread) and Specialized re a VERY CLEAR price fixing agreement?

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ha ha thanks. I mean I understand that they aren't to everyone's taste, but surely it's still a good deal if its the cheapest?!

Maybe some of the negative people will give a reason!

No idea bout the price fixing, sorry.

Don't know much about the tracksuit bottoms but didn't Cantebury go Bust earlier this year if so is this a bankrupt clearance? Voted Hot because it needs the heat :>

Voted hot. Some good deals on their website. Well done philflak

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Glad you think there are some good deals on it

Honestly mate I don't know why any idiots are voting this cold. Chain Reaction offer the best price for Canterbury gear and for that..have some heat :thumbsup:
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