Canvas Scotty Dog Shopper Bag 80p (with code) + Free C+C @ The Works

Canvas Scotty Dog Shopper Bag 80p (with code) + Free C+C @ The Works

Found 23rd Sep 2016
Love this, was looking for some gift bags on The Works site because they usually have some quite good quality ones at decent prices, when I came across this Canvas Scotty Dog Shopper Bag for £1, I tested the 20% off code (VBOX20) and it worked to take the price down to 80p. I've ordered a few, with the tartan print I thought they looked quite festive, so will use these as gift bags & they can be part of the present too!
A wonderful Scotty dog shopper bag with white straps and cute images of scotty dogs in a tartan print.

Ideal for:
Perfect for taking with you to the shops as an alternative to plastic bags.

Measures: 44 x 40 x 14cm
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Radley snide
Radley snide
Is made from cotton?
Cheers op - ordered 3, heat added, will feel distinctly middle class next time I'm in the shopping queue!
How fab is this? Ordered 6 for Xmas, thank you, very pleased
Great!! Ordered three for Christmas bags. Thanks op!
Works on other purchases too, cheers!
Great price and lovely looking bag but are you sure this is canvas? It looks like a woven plastic on the close up photo to me.
Thanks op. Got 5
I have one and its definitely plastic! Good bag though for the money
Thanks OP. Ordered the last three as Christmas bags! Bargain!
OOS now
Back in stock
Got to admit I gave up wasting money on "paper/thin cardboard" gift bags several years ago and instead buy reusable bags for £1 each so the recipient can get the use of the bag as well...last Christmas I bought various Disney themed and Star Wars ones from Tesco to use as gift bags and they were far better as you didn't have to worry about them tearing etc.
Picked mine up today. They're woven plastic. Very nice. Pleased, thanks
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