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Canyon bikes end of season sale (up to) 25% off road and MTB
Found 28th AugFound 28th Aug
Canyon bikes end of season sale (up to) 25% off road and MTB
Loads of cash off the already good value range of bikes from Canyon. Some crackers there including £900 off the Ultimate CF SL 9.0 eTap (now £2700). They hold their value quite we… Read more
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No longer available


Lack of police and no discipline on kids. In this area the police don't care anymore


Scary everywhere now


They don't take C2W/Cyclescheme vouchers.


Thanks Richard and wowbiggy good bikes they are.

Canyon Bike Discounts + More - Breakaway Sale
Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
Canyon Bike Discounts + More - Breakaway Sale
Surprised this isn’t on here yet. Ordered a new Canyon Endurace for £180 off on the first day, due a month earlier then quoted. Aside from bikes they have a daily sale of gear as w… Read more

You hurt my feelings and I *demand* an apology. #fakeoutrage


No I don’t. I asked for some evidence that the statement made was valid. I didn’t dispute it and was open to being proven that my opinion was wrong. But I’m not just going to take someone’s word on it. We currently seem to live in a word where if it’s on Facebook with an emotional picture it must be true, I try to actually be rational and seek out facts instead. I like to think it’s the mature way to discuss and debate something. We had quite a civil conversation about, please don’t pop in here with childish playground “he said she said” remarks. If you find it annoying then fair enough, but I won’t apologise for it and don’t agree that it is annoying myself.


Have you got evidence or a source for that? See how annoying it is?!?


I can relate to that to be honest. Not only is carbon brittle and often short life but it's non-recyclable. In theory Carbon doesn't suffer from fatigue and should last a very long time but the reality is imperfections in manufacturing cause fatigue issues more than any other material and the small crashes we all have can start that fatigue process with micro-cracks for those few frames that don't have imperfections from the factory. For me the premium frame material is titanium. Saying that the 2 road bikes I have one is chromoly and the other aluminium but I do aspire to getting a titanium road bike at some point.


Paul's Cycles used to specialise in clearance of previous year stocks or overstocks so I'm sure they would get a much better price. Even normal trade prices aren't always the final price. There could be discounts for early payment or meeting sales targets. The rep might do special offers or the dealer may only buy stock when there is some sort of promotion on. That trade price you saw would be the maximum price they would pay but there is a strong possibility that they pay a little less than that.

Mountainbike crankset: e*thirteen TRS+ 1x11s Kurbel 170 mm 34T (70% discounted) £88.94 @ Canyon
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Mountainbike crankset: e*thirteen TRS+ 1x11s Kurbel 170 mm 34T (70% discounted) £88.94 @ Canyon
This is a great crankset. Shipped from Germany. Price breakdown: 1 × e*thirteen TRS+ 1x11s Kurbel 170 mm 34T 81,95 £ 1 × Versand 6,99 £ Gesamtpreis 88,94 £ ink… Read more

For that price I would prefer an engine.


Not great cranks, need proprietary tools. They came on my Canyon. Had to grind them off in the end. Waste of money. Just my own experience.


What BB is this compatible with? Looking for PF30 fitment.


yep thats what i thought, i bagged a chameleon d spec off a spanish sc dealer, sold off all the bits, upgraded it with the fork, reverb, hope brakes and GX and i'm £500 under the UK asking price for the spec with that fork.. (party)


That's a mental price for those forks.

POC FONDO LIGHT JERSEY PINK - 65% off, was £127.95 - £44.95 / £51.94 delivered @ Canyon
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
POC FONDO LIGHT JERSEY PINK - 65% off, was £127.95 - £44.95 / £51.94 delivered @ Canyon
Lots of sizes. Other POC items in Canyon sale as well with good savings. Only downside is £6.99 shipping. The Fondo Light Jersey is a lightweight cycling jersey made from a highly… Read more

wow was over £120 for small amount of polyester... hmm dump bitcoin and move into branded cycling clothing.... decisions.....

GARMIN VECTOR 2 DUAL SIDED POWER METER £617.95 -  refurbished like new @ Canyon
Found 3rd Jul 2017Found 3rd Jul 2017
GARMIN VECTOR 2 DUAL SIDED POWER METER £617.95 - refurbished like new @ Canyon
£617.95Canyon Deals
Refurbs, like new, from the Canyon Store. Dual sided version. If you want this grab it fast, they'll be gone within hours for sure. Always like that with the Canyon 24 hour sales.… Read more
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Good price for a fairly accurate system


Do you mean stabilisers?


It'll completely change your cycling. Cycling is more fun actually with one oddly. I always thought getting a power meter would ruin it for me, but it's been completely the opposite. As for knowing what to do. You need to do some testing. Indoor or outdoor FTP test or a really hard long ride full on with the Garmin on auto FTP calculation. After you do that, then the world is yours to conquer. You can now go out for a ride and know what power to ride at for how long. After a while, you naturally start getting really smart about how you spend your power, and your power curve on Strava fills out (you probably don't even look at that before) you can know exactly how long you can hold so many watts for 3 min, 5min, 30min etc etc. Which now means you can target your best times on certain roads. Just go out and hit that number for whatever minutes. Heart rate work just isn't the same, because your heart doesn't respond the same way as a strain gauge. The heart needs time to warm up, so riding to heart rate is only really useful on some longish efforts in certain conditions. Honestly, your fitness on the bike will start to rocket, cos you'll end up doing workouts to power and actually do real training. Everything else is guesswork without power. You cannot get definite consistent progression the same way without it. If you love cycling, save up, buy a power meter. In the meantime, while saving, just read up on power and training and stuff like that. Learn the basics, maybe you're way past that already. There isn't really much to know that's the thing. In terms of technical knowledge, you just jump on bike and ride it and there's your power on your Garmin. When you first fit the PM, you go to settings and click calibrate and spin the pedals once or something silly. Really nothing there that will mess with you, it's all designed to be user friendly.


​Evidently you have no clue about cycling training.


I have been thinking about getting a power meter for a while as have heard they are a great way to become a better cyclist by being able to pace yourself etc sounds like you really need to know how to use one to get the best out of them though!This is the cheapest i have seen one and certainly very tempting although its still a big investment! Decisions decisions :P

It's back! Canyon 'Breakaway' Sale with big discounts on 2017 range - Up to £1200 off
Found 30th Jun 2017Found 30th Jun 2017
It's back! Canyon 'Breakaway' Sale with big discounts on 2017 range - Up to £1200 off
Canyon have always offered great value (well, not quite as great since the Brexit vote) and now they have some great savings on 60 MTB and Road bikes. Last year they went very qui… Read more
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Strange childish comment but yes wouldn't mind a steel bike made by a wizard if available.


Maybe it's best you stick to steel bikes lovingly welded by wizard like bearded men in wooden sheds... this is what factories look like


Fair enough I wasn't sure if it was Giant doing both aluminium and carbon or just aluminium frames. Clearly Quest wouldn't be supplying the aluminium frames. Pretty sure you can get Quest composite frames through alibaba and aliexpress and carbon frame manufacture itself is pretty low tech but a large number of man hours per frame. This is an image of Quest composite factory. This is their image but I couldn't help but notice that the blue caps surely meant to contain people's hair and cover the scalp to prevent hair and dry skin getting into the product seem poorly fitted to say the least especially the woman bottom right.


Widely rumoured is not the same as widely reported. The frames and components are made by Quest carbon, which inrng and bikebiz describe as the 'cream' of carbon manufacture...


With regard the £400 frames that was more in reference to the more high end esoteric carbon framed bikes which Canyon charge £5000 plus for and the markup is much more extreme which is not the same at the budget end of carbon bikes. Fair point about value which is always the case when you direct sell removing local bike shops and wholesalers from having their markup and part of the process. The price to pay for that is in the last year I think 10% of local bike shops have closed in the UK. I'm not a local bike shop user myself I do my own maintenance and would rather buy everything I need as cheaply as possible but it is making cycling less accessible to people who can't do their own maintenance which is a shame.

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Boxes of 20/25 High5 energy gels £3.95 ex P&P (£6.99) from Canyon online
Found 8th Feb 2017Found 8th Feb 2017
Boxes of 20/25 High5 energy gels £3.95 ex P&P (£6.99) from Canyon online
Good price for these, even just buying a box and paying the £6.99 delivery works out about cheaper than Wiggle. Buy two or more and you're quids in. Just bought enough to see me th… Read more

Mine came today, should last me a while cheers op :)


Made an order but had no confirmation email and no log in details online either to check status.


Spotted this earlier great deals on canyon, still not sure how canyon deals appear on hukd, as it's a German website and company The isogels are really good value


nice i was after some gels as almost out but thought i would wait for a trusty hduk deal to turn up :P This seems crazy cheap do you think its likely there are close to use by date? anyone got any before? i would have thought they would have to state it if so! just tempted to buy in bulk while they are going cheap :)

Dazz285 £5 so 2 boxes are £10 also 10 discount if you are a British Cycling member & 3% TCB

Tacx Satori Smart Turbo Trainer £126.94 delivered - Canyon online
Found 2nd Feb 2017Found 2nd Feb 2017
Tacx Satori Smart Turbo Trainer £126.94 delivered - Canyon online
£126.94Canyon Deals
Have been browsing around for a cycling turbo trainer, and came across this deal, so I signed up here just to post it! Canyon claim the retail is £322.95, and it's a whopping 63% … Read more
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No - it is manual, not really a smart trainer. You need the Vortex Smart for resistance control.


can zwift control the resistance on this?


Not a bad trainer. I upgraded to a Bkool Pro but if you want to Zwift for a low price it's fairly good. The Bluetooth distance is dire though, so use an ANT+ USB stick.




Can't read?

Shimano Ultegra SH PD-6800 £80.94 delivered from Canyon.
Found 31st Dec 2016Found 31st Dec 2016
Shimano Ultegra SH PD-6800 £80.94 delivered from Canyon.
Excellent pedals from a great retailer. Price includes shipping and there are some other great bargains on the site. Ideal for your new Xmas set of wheels unless you are a hater!
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These are really great. Went into Halfords to get a pair of standard as my LBS was out of stock. Reserved them and went to collect and they also had misplaced the item. So the only other pair they had were these which they did for the same price as the standard. No going back now, the other bikes have been fitted out with them too. Benmefits = larger pedal platform and a more hard wearing part with better sealed bearings.


Defo agree with that


Interesting, showing as £73 when I checked wiggle on my phone but £85 when I check via laptop. For the 5g weight difference you may as well save the money and go for the 105 pedals, still carbon body with ss plate.


Which ones are 70 quid?------£85


Almost ten quid cheaper at wiggle, happy new cold deal.

Mavic Carbon clinchers £732.95 was £1465.95 @ Canyon
Found 8th Dec 2016Found 8th Dec 2016
Mavic Carbon clinchers £732.95 was £1465.95 @ Canyon
£732.95Canyon Deals
Absolutely appreciate this isn't for everyone,but this is a really good deal for these particular clinchers. 24 hours only on the Christmas offers.
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Just knackering lol


You really need to define 'fun' as that really wouldn't be fun for me


​I'm sure it would be much more fun with a RWD in an icy car park.

Garmin Vector 2 dual sided pedals £548.95 delivered @ Canyon
Found 7th Dec 2016Found 7th Dec 2016
Garmin Vector 2 dual sided pedals £548.95 delivered @ Canyon
£548.95Canyon Deals
Maybe can get it cheaper if you play around with the country and currency on site. Expect this to go cold, but if you're looking to surprise a roadie with a posh gift this Xmas t… Read more
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good price; but oos and also consider favero bepro


Can often get actual Powermeters for this price or quite a bit under if you know where to look! eBay often have new ones for a lot less. It's a set of pedals. If they were realistically priced at around £300 they'd be worth considering. One off and you've mullered £550 Sure I have read that even the Garmin team don't use these lol! Search for Quarq on eBay and you can get for a lot less. I picked up a new RED 22 for £350 delivered...


[img][/img] I would, if I were richer... & they were in stock.


says currently unavailable


Cracking price!

Mavic Crossmax SL PRO 29 & 27.5 wheelsets £375 @ Canyon
Found 21st Jul 2016Found 21st Jul 2016
Mavic Crossmax SL PRO 29 & 27.5 wheelsets £375 @ Canyon
Seems like a great deal for this wheelset which sells for close to £700 elsewhere. £375 incl delivery.

Don't be stupid, who'd ever buy a bike without pedals?!?!?! :)


Do they come with peddles for that price X)


Great price for these wheels! Heat added


Rip off, you can get 5 full bikes from Tesco for that price (getting it in first!!!) Heat from me :)

Canyon Bikes Sale e.g. Aeroroad CF SLX 6.0 -£550 now £2149
Found 11th Jul 2016Found 11th Jul 2016
For those in the know, Canyon Bikes offer fantastic value for money with high specs and great prices. This means that when the sale is on there are some awesome bargains to be had… Read more
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Nice i brought a cheap roadie last year to see if i would get into it, unfortunately nobody warned me about how addictive it is :P Needless to say i am already looking for something better, The Canyon bikes do seem like great value! Personally i think they look great too :)


The sale is on but the Aeroroad has now sold out (no surprise)


An expensive luxury.


I love expensive bike threads :) Thanks OP, Canyon bikes are quite excellent and the sale prices look like genuinely decent reductions.


Only thing is, he's actually right.

GARMIN EDGE 520 - £168.95 @ Canyon
Found 13th May 2016Found 13th May 2016
GARMIN EDGE 520 - £168.95 @ Canyon
£168.95Canyon Deals
One of the best cycling computers on the market. Best price I have seen on this product. Bike Radar Review:… Read more
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For full mapping, use the DCrainmaker work around, I find it more than adequate. However, although the detail is much better, I find I need to pre-input routes, not too hard, and there isn't much memory on the 520 to hold a lot of info. I love the 520, it is a brilliant bit of kit. The only consideration with it is the memory space. It's not much use for a touring holiday, you'll want the 800 or 1000 for that. I have every single feautre of this in my phone or my 910xt, but I still chose this, and haven't regretted it at all. Garmin aren't without problems, but nothing else I've tried is perfect either. Worth every penny for me. If anyone has a reward gateway cashback account, Halfords gift vouchers are 20% still I got mine start of the year, before my bike arrived, and they price matched Evans at £239.99 for the bundle, and they keep doing 10% off web deals. Paid a little over £190 for the bundle, so keep an eye on Halfords site.


It does but I find it pretty useless, the screen is small and relatively low resolution and there's little detail on the maps. It would be ok in a squeeze but if it's a feature that you're likely to use regularly, I'd get something with a bigger screen and better mapping. John


​Well I paid 152 and quidco has tracked!


​ Their small print says no other discounts on price matches, so you can get the price match or the 10%. I tried today, but they wouldn't do both.


Navigation is fine as per dcrainmaker instructions. You need to have preloaded route and you follow a breadcrumb. You can zoom the map in and out and screen resolution is pretty good so I have found it to be fine. Only issue is if you go off route it won't get you back on route. But I've found if you zoom out enough you can see where you need to go to get back on route.

Garmin Edge 1000 GPS Bike Computer £291.95 @ Canyon Direct. Halfords price match. Possible 6% Quidco and 10% BC discount
Found 23rd Apr 2016Found 23rd Apr 2016
Cracking deal. Halfords will price match. See receipt below. Performance bundle also available at 336.95. Link here… Read more
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Cheaper if you use my deal for the bundle mate.


I got them to price match and then brit cycle discount, will obviously depend on how stupid the staff are ( so a reasonable chance).


Just do it


I spoke to Halfords via email and they've confirmed they cannot apply further discount to a pricematch. Has anybody found this not to be the case? Halfords price will be £277. I've since found a 1000 Performance Bundle for £304, so once I flog the sensors I don't need will be £240ish for the device itself, 3% cashback and £18 of points :)


Just for clarity, I've been reading owner reports and with the 520 you can effectively load most of the UK to memory.

Garmin Vector 2 Power Meter Pedals £696.95 + £6.99 del @ Canyon
Found 31st Mar 2016Found 31st Mar 2016
Garmin Vector 2 Power Meter Pedals £696.95 + £6.99 del @ Canyon
£696.95Canyon Deals
Insane deal for all keen cyclists out there looking for a top class power meter

While checking the Halfords discount T&Cs on the BC website earlier I noticed there is a 20% off Verve InfoCrank sets, meaning the original £1,149 price comes down to £919.20. No idea how long that's been on there though. OK, that's a good bit more than these Vectors but you're getting Praxis crank, BB & chainrings instead of just a pair of pedals. If you were looking to replace them anyway then it becomes much more competitive. It also seems to come with a much better reliability record than the Garmin pedals, and they appear to be innovating with things like removing the dependency on magnets via a firmware update. I'm not in the market now but would seriously consider this if I was. Only major downside is it's obviously only a single bike solution.


Garmin have dropped the retail price of these down to 899, so discounts will go as deep at this deal or lower from now on I'd imagine. Looking at Stages myself, they review great for a single sided meter.


Far from upset. I PMSL when knob end trolls such as yourself cant resist posting something you know nothing about and the fact that you think it winds us up.


Did not mean to upset the bicycle pedal elite on HUKD...


This was true for the first generation, these are the 2nd generation and they don't have this problem. There is a rumor that the Vector 3 pedals will be podless... ;-)

Canyon Nerve AL 6.0 10% off £1079.10 @ Canyon online
Found 19th Mar 2016Found 19th Mar 2016
Canyon Nerve AL 6.0 10% off £1079.10 @ Canyon online
£1,079.10Canyon Deals
Short travel full sus XC moutain bike from Canyon -10% + shipping cost £14.99 for bike guard packaging. Great value and lightweight bike from reputable German brand.

Offer is over!


Where to apply the 10% discount? Does the discount work with other models? There phone number always busy, but contact form usually quick to respond.


it's a great bike but canyon is a paaaain to deal with, crazy waiting times combined with often missing/wrong parts plus a horrible customer service.. they have liberally went down hill the past year or so.. I'd avoid for that reason alone.


Great bike ... Heat


Same price for the women's

Mavic road bike wheels, up to 40% off at Canyon Bikes. Aksium Elite £124.94, Cosmic Carbone SLS £446.94 etc
Found 4th Dec 2015Found 4th Dec 2015
Mavic road bike wheels, up to 40% off at Canyon Bikes. Aksium Elite £124.94, Cosmic Carbone SLS £446.94 etc
£124.94Canyon Deals
Canyon have got some great offers on Mavic Wheels today. 40% off the Cosmic Carbone SLS and SLE At least 33% off R-SYS SLR, Cosmic Carbone 40 and Aksium Elite Wheelsets. Offers o… Read more
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​oh i get it now an expense joke regarding cycling, very original (_;)


Heat from me. Been cycling less than a year, bought a nice cube peloton in June only to break one of my Mavic wheels by catching 11KG dumbell moving the bike, which completely ripped out a spoke, tore the metal, end of wheel. Of course, had to be the rear, and had to be a wheel mavic no longer make. This is the closest to it, and at that reduction they are bought! Thanks OP!


Only Aksium's left now. (_;)


Carbone all gone - sadface


Go to Tesco

Garmin Vector 2 power meter - £725.95 (Canyon Bicycles)
Found 2nd Dec 2015Found 2nd Dec 2015
Garmin Vector 2 power meter - £725.95 (Canyon Bicycles)
£725.95Canyon Deals
Garmin Vector 2 power meter. Cheapest it's ever been by far. Measures total power, left/right balance and cadence Power is the most reliable way to gauge cycling performance on … Read more

That thing is a myth


Really tempted, was thinking of buying for nearly 1000 off wiggle... Yay or nay???


I will wait for LIMITS to ship ☺


I had been using the Vector 2's, got them in the summer for a good price and had a dozen rides with them. Great (and consistant) data points, however during the 12th ride I noticed a slight play in the left pedal body. Investigated and found that this is a very common problem that affects ALL Vector pedals. Bottom line from Garmin is that it is caused by a bushing inside the pedal body. I returned mine for a full refund from the vendor, but would consider a new set sometime (not yet though, fancy a(nother) new bike first. Great price though.


btw the reason powertap p1 are better are 1. lack of pod 2. ease of battery change 3. easy of swapping bikes

Garmin Edge 520 & FREE 3 month Trial of Strava £164.95 @ Canyon
Found 1st Dec 2015Found 1st Dec 2015
Garmin Edge 520 & FREE 3 month Trial of Strava £164.95 @ Canyon
£164.95Canyon Deals
25% Discount. Edge 520 is the first bike computer that’s compatible with Strava live segments and includes a 3-month trial of Strava Premium. With this membership, your starred St… Read more

And if you stop subbing to Strava premium (£40 a year), you stop getting Strava Live.