Caorunn gin (70 CL)  £14 in Tesco instore (Lurgan) - normally £28

Caorunn gin (70 CL) £14 in Tesco instore (Lurgan) - normally £28

Found 16th Oct 2017
Decent everyday gin (not that I drink gin every day 😳). Not sure if store specific or nationwide. They also had Bulldog gin for £11.
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    That's great price, sadly full price in my locals
    That’s cheap as hell. I bought 1L duty free outside EU and it was £24 I think. This is a steal.
    Full price in Newry too. Thanks for posting though
    Everyday gin?!? This is what they used to serve you on Concorde if you asked for a G&T.
    Bulldog for £11! Blimey!! Great deal!!
    "Not sure if store specific or nationwide."

    This would tell you.....…804
    Not online
    ran down to get a bottle of each.....the gits have closed early!!!! raging!!!!!
    Yay! Lurgan. My home town.
    pgilc134 m ago

    Yay! Lurgan. My home town.

    im sorry
    I recently converted to gin, but I've tried quite a few different ones. I bought a bottle of this and my fiancé and I couldn't drink it. It tasted like generic, cheap vodka that I used to drink in the local flares on grab a granny night. You can't really taste any botanicals or juniper. In my opinion you're better off with a Tanqueray or spending a bit more on Whitley Neill
    store specific, stlil scans at £28
    pgilc114 h, 59 m ago

    Yeah i've moved now though

    lucky for you - im from moira, married a girl from lurgan then moved into it!
    at least you escaped!

    on a side note managed to bag two bottles. there was one left on the shelf. its end of the line stock for lurgan Tesco hence the discount.
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