Capcom Street Fighter IV 59p @itunes store and more
Capcom  Street Fighter  IV  59p  @itunes store  and more

Capcom Street Fighter IV 59p @itunes store and more

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Limited time offer from CAPCOM, they dropped price of some game to 59p
* capcom acade
* Dead rising mobile
* Devil may cry 4
* Phoenix wright
* Street fighter IV
* Resident evil 4

GAMELOFT (thanks kas786)


Excellent find OP! Been waiting for Street Fighter to come down in price, but didn't ever think it would be so cheap!

Brilliant...hot hot hot!

Oh... those nostalgia games...

Just wonder how you play SF IV on iPhone4?

Capcom Arcade is currently free, although you have to pay for the games inside the app (which are 59p each)

Heat added purely for Streetfighter. the others have been at 59p a number of times. BUT never Streetfighter (downloading as i type!). DMC isn't that good of a port though, shame as I love the series!

As the other poster has said Capcom arcade is and has been free for a long time now, just pay for the games as in-app purchases.

Thanks for the heads up on SF though, just hope they didn't mess it up like EA did with MK3

The OP has re-posted my original gameloft post hotukdeals.com/dea…767

Can you not at least credit me with it?
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59p for Phoenix Wright is a bargain.

THANK YOU...notice the shout...thats how happy I am...

Phoenix Wright on iPad!!!! I just jizzed in my pants.

Thanks lavieyn still waiting for sf to download

is it a new game?

Anyone having any trouble downloading? I cant seem to download this app, but free apps download fine...

Thanks OP. Have some heat.

Awesome sf4 on the way down

Errrrrm, wow! Saw someone playing this on the train a couple of weeks ago and checked to download it then, it was £5.99??!! Bought now for 59p and still can't believe it.......heat added.

just downloading sf4 now, big game for my lowly 8gb touch but i'm sure its worth it!

DMC is actually a cut down version of the new dmc4 coming out, it's a poor game compared to shadow guardian, very bad graphics - I think Capcom have list their way on the iPhone!
SF4 much better than MK3 but still not for me

Will be removing both to put back spiderman and shadow guardian

Heat added mate. Just downloaded Resi 4 ;0)




It's Haaaaaaadooooooouken

I purchased the following games this morning:-

Dead Rising Mobile
Devil May Cry 4
Street Fighter IV

Its just as well really cos a couple of these games have jumped back up in price already!

Thanks OP. Heat added

Thanks OP, getting street fighter now :P

Most if not all the games have gone back up in price, op needs to amend post or expire

Got sf4 & dmc4 trial I'm very disappointed with both, dmc4 hope the update improves it as it urgently needs it

just downloaded street fighter to my itunes on the pc , but it wont install on my 4th gen ipod touch,
it says cant install as the resources have been modified.
please help people.

Street fighter IV 2.99 now =/ missed it! just saw the post...

"clocked it"
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