Capital One Credit card 0.5% unlimited cashback

Capital One Credit card 0.5% unlimited cashback

Found 8th Dec 2013
Capital One Classic Extra card is offering 0.5% cashback on all purchases with unlimited cashback. We have saved up for wedding/honeymoon so my partner and I applied for a card each, paid a bit off on each card and then used our savings to pay the full balance off when the bill came through. This meant no debt, no interest but 0.5% cashback on the wedding and honeymoon costs. Admittedly the rate is fairly low but as we're getting it for nothing it's not bad if you're making big purchases. Also, the cashback on this one is paid out in January, great when you're skint after Christmas and for Jan sale shopping. It's also meant to be for those with low/no credit rating. I won't take out a credit card unless it offers cashback and some of them you have to spend a ridiculous amount of pay an annual fee so I thought this was a good deal really.…jsf
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Better cards with cashback rates than this around......Amex Platinum Cashback - yeah not everywhere takes it but their cashback can go up as high as 1.25% and they have great additional offers , and usually 5% cashback for the first three months
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yeah I did see that one but like you said, not many places accept them so I get cashbacks only good if you've something to get cash back on :-) you do also get a £10 bonus with capital one if you pay on time each year. and the credit limits go up regularly if you pay on time.
Amex is becoming more and more accepted isn't it? Hot though as I was previously only considering santander 123 previously tesco also worth considering surprisingly if you actually shop there!
i will need one of those with all the money in spending on these deals
the points would come in handy I guess with Tesco. I just worked out after wedding and honeymoon we could have around £250 cashback which is nearly a months mortgage paid. better in my pocket. lol
It's also a good card to take on holiday as they don't charge a fee for foreign currency purchases.

I haven't search for credit cards in a while but I remember this being the only cashback card which offers that.
Poor cash back
Is the 1% gone? That's the card I took out before.
yes I had one previously for 1% but that was for 3 months and then nothing after. this one the cashback is less but unlimited. and yeah Jay the cashback aint great but there's only really this, the AMEX one and the Santander for supermarket shops. I guess it depends what you spend on.
I closed my previous Capital one account and stopped using my AMEX for day to day shopping, just use it for AMEX deals. I max out my amazon cc with 1% back in Amazon vouchers. The beauty of the Amazon card is that you get £10 voucher for every £1,000 spent on the card therefore you do not have to wait until a year is up for your money
capital one comp - upgrade local sports grounds.

i tried to enter it at the comps page but kept getting blocked by a previous pop-up.
For me this deal should be a lot hotter. As mentioned in one post above, this card has no foreign transaction fees so great for travelers and has a £10 cashback bonus if you pay off in full on time each month.

Definitely worth having as a backup card for places that don't accept Amex and also to use abroad if you don't already have a fee free card for doing so.

If you have been rejected applying for an Amex before this also seems like a good card to have.
Did anyone get the £10 bonus paid in this month's statement along with their other cashback from the year?
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If anyone is still subscribed, a thread you might be interested in -…280

Has anyone had a letter for this card saying the cashback will stop? Thanks.
Still getting the cashback and the yearly £10 bonus
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