Capricornia (Book) by Xavier Herbert only £2.00 + Free Delivery @ HMV
Capricornia (Book) by Xavier Herbert only £2.00 + Free Delivery @ HMV

Capricornia (Book) by Xavier Herbert only £2.00 + Free Delivery @ HMV

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'The best written and finest spirited novel that has ever come out of Australia. The story is rich, varied and eventful; few readers will leave it unfinished. It deals with one of the profoundest and most moving of human problems, the intermixtures of races.' H. G. Wells 'What every frontier story should be - tough, sprawling, rampant with physical action.' Time 'Capricornia is a novel that boils with action. Its cast of characters is enormous ... all of them well done, people as tough vital and resilient as in any fiction.' New York Times 'Herbert's novel is a brilliant, absorbing, challenging experience not only as a story but as an adventure in the endless reaches of the human spirit.' Daily Mirror 'Powerful story ... so full of exciting incidents it never drags ... at once tender and tough.' Carl Van Doren 'Teems with multitudinous characters whose actions are as vivid, as breathtaking, and as inevitable as the abrupt turn of their seasons.' Book of the Month Club News 'Magnificent!' New York Times

Product Description
A saga of life in the Northern Territories and the clash of white and Aborigine cultures - one of Australia's all-time best-selling novels and an inspiration for Baz Luhrmann's lavish film 'AUSTRALIA'. Capricornia has been described as one of Australia's 'great novels', a sharply observed chronicle about life in the Northern Territory of Australia and the inhumane treatment suffered by Aborigines at the hands of white men. The story is immense and rambling, laced with humour that is often as bitter and as harsh as the terrain in which it is set, and follows with irony the fortunes (and otherwise) of a range of Outback characters over a span of generations. Through their story is reflected the story of Australia, the clash of personalities and cultures that provide the substance on which today's society is founded. Above all, however, this is a novel of protest and of compassion - for the Aborigines and half-bloods of Australia's 'last frontier'. Sprawling, explosive, thronged with characters, plots and sub-plots, Capricornia is without doubt one of the best known and widely read Australian novels of the last 70 years.When it was first published it was acclaimed as 'a turning point', an 'outstanding work of social protest'. Its message is as penetrating today as it was in the 1930s when Herbert himself was official 'Protector of Aborigines' at Darwin.

About the Author
Xavier Herbert (1901-1984) is considered the elder statesman of Australian literature, best known for his Miles Franklin Award-winning novel Poor Fellow My Country (1975). His first book, Capricornia, was written in London in the early 1930s and was based partly on his own experiences being a Protector of the Aborigines in Darwin. Herbert was a great champion of Aboriginal people, particularly those living in missions in Queensland and the Northern Territory, and was well known for his outspoken views on indigenous issues as well as his talents as a novelist.

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