CAPTAIN AMERICA Complete series £4.99 @

CAPTAIN AMERICA Complete series £4.99 @

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The complete series featuring all 13 action packed episodes

The Sleeper Shall Awake: Captain America, otherwise known as "Cap", discovers that the Red Skull's treat of giant Sleeper Robots is about to become a reality and fights against the Sleepers by taking a stand against all three at the North Pole.

Zemo And the Masters Of Evil: Baron Zemo sends three villains after Cap, Thor and Iron Man and the tortures them with super glue. When Cap counteracts the glue with a super dissolver he gain the upper hand Zemo is defeated.

The Girl From Cap's Past: Cap works with a female Shield Agent who reminds him of a girl he once loved and lost in the war. Together they save the city, but the mysterious girl disappears before he can find out if she was his wartime sweetheart.

The Origin Of Captain America: This episode tells the story of how Steve Rogers became Captain America who is later joined by Bucky Barnes, Omar and Sando to fight off the evil Red Skull.

Midnights At Greymore Castle: Dr Rawling captures Bucky in order to lure Cap to Greymore Castle. Working with the evil Doctor is a Nazi Major who plans to launch Bucky into the outer space, but Cap is able to defeat the Nazis and save his comrades.

The Return of Captain America: In a submarine piloted by Thor, Iron Man and the Wasp, the Avengers discover Cap's frozen body and must revive him. Cap is reintroduces into the ranks of the group when he and Rick Jones rescue the Avengers, who have been turned into stone statues.

Revenge Of Captain America: Cap becomes angry when he discovers that Rick Jones wears Bucky's costume and then endangers himself by fighting Baron Zemo. Cap rescues Rick ,destroys Zemo's Caslte and buries him under a ton of boulders.

The Sentinel And The Spy: The Red Skull plots to steal the allies' secret disintegrator and captures Cap and Bucky in the process. When he brainwashes Cap, it's up to Bucky to save the day on his own.

The Red Skull Lives: The Red Skull's hypo-helmet has Cap thinking that he's going crazy and when the deceitful villain tells Cap that he has been in suspended animation for twenty years, Cap must fight to regain his sanity.

When The Comissar Commands: Cap is thinking of retiring, but when the Scarlet Witch captures Quicksilver and Hawkeye and renders them unconscious, Cap must battle the evil Comissar to rescue his friends.

Let The Past Be Gone: Cap is drugged by an Adaptoid, who is posing as one of the Avengers' butlers. When the Adaptoid drains the energy from all the Avengers, Cap must do battle with a Super-Adaptoid.

The Bitter Taste Of Defeat: Under the Enchantress' evil spell, the Avengers are causing trouble and are ordered by the police to disband. Together, Cap and Hawkeye defeat Power Man before he and the Enchantress manage to escape.

The Coming Of The Swordsman: The Swordsman battles the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver under the mistaken pretence of becoming an Avenger, but is then ordered by the Mandarin to destroy the Avengers' headquarters. The Swordsman eventually saves their headquarters, and vows to return to them when he is worthy.


"When Captain America throws his mighty sheild......"

Please know what you are buying here - this is the original 1960's cartoon, which looks like this................


I think it is great fun, in a retro kind of way, but this will not be to everyone's taste. The animation is very basic, and the narration is pretty cheesy...............

btw, I have the box set of this, along with Thor, Iron Man and Sub-Mariner, which was about £8 at The Hut a while back...........(best price atm is about £25)

Sub-Mariner, The Hulk and Doctor Strange = The Defenders.

This what's now referred to as a 'motion comic' - the original comic book panels animated with voice and sound effects. Fortunately, the original panels are from Jack 'The King' Kirby.
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