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Captain Morgan Dark Rum 70Cl £10 @ Tesco
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Captain Morgan Dark Rum 70Cl £10 @ Tesco

Posted 8th Mar 2011

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

The original Rum. Produce of Jamaica, Guyana and Barbados.

The legend of Captain Morgan began over 300 years ago. His infamous career included life as a buccaneer, Admiral of the Fleet and culminated in 1680 with his appointment as Governor General of Jamaica. At that time his interests turned to his sugar cane plantation and the perfection of a rum worthy to bear his name. The rich smooth flavour of Captain Morgan rum is enjoyed by anyone who seeks the true taste of the Caribbean.

The superior quality of Captain Morgan is firstly owed to the rum's provenance, as the Captain is a premium blend of five rum marques from three different Caribbean countries, allowing for greater complexity of flavour. Then the rum is distilled partly using the traditional 'pot stilled' process resulting in greater quality and fuller flavour. Finally the rum is aged for at least two years in charred oak barrels before the Ron Maestro (master blender) performs his art in the secret blending of the finished liquid.

The resulting rum is one of superior quality & taste. Incredibly rich & smooth, you will taste many flavours including toffee & vanilla, with a rounded oaken nose. Enjoy Captain Morgan with cola or ginger ale, plenty of ice & a twist of lime.


Just ordered 24 bottles online for my brother's reception

(Limited to 12 at a time online, and I think it's usually 6 at a time in store.)
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Love dark rum, hot deal, gonna have to take a trip to tesco
Why is this cold exactly?
no idea I'm going to get a few bottles in

Why is this cold exactly?

I have a bottle of Captain Morgan (dark) rum open at present, but I prefer Lamb's dark rum (out of the two typical Supermarket products you see side-by-side). I do like the addition of vanilla in Morgan's Original Spiced though.

I have not voted, but others may have done so on personal preference. The price of a deal item is not the only factor taken into account when (other members are) voting.

Good find in any respect. If I was in need of another bottle I would have visited a Tesco store after seeing your deal listing.

Don't give up...



The price of a deal item is not the only factor taken into account when … The price of a deal item is not the only factor taken into account when (other members are) voting

They should rename this to hotukreviews.com then

They should rename this to hotukreviews.com then

You are not alone in that viewpoint (see, specifically, hotukdeals.com/fee…610, but the rest of the thread may make interesting reading):


(Many other threads, & discussions within specific deal threads, on the same subject are available)


Cheers for that fp. Having looked into that discussion I must say I side with post #104

Perhaps someone should start another site from scratch with more informative voting - for those who would like it work that way. But until then I hope you enjoy your rum and coke
Yes! Will be investing in one of these this evening.

Have some heat, I refuse to justify why tho!
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