Captain Scarlet: Complete Series: Box Set: Ltd £12.99 @ HMV

Captain Scarlet: Complete Series: Box Set: Ltd £12.99 @ HMV

Found 6th Feb 2011Made hot 6th Feb 2011
This box set presents every episode of Gerry Anderson's sci-fi puppet series CAPTAIN SCARLET & THE MYSTERONS in a pristine digitally remastered format. The collection also includes CAPTAIN SCARLET S.I.G., a behind-the-scenes bonus disc. See individual titles for more details.
And don't forget the words used at the end of each adventure: "Captain Scarlet is indestructible. You are not. Remember this. Do not try to imitate him."


This is a great box set,this was a great series,S.I.G.. Have some heat

MMmmmm Destiny Angel..

ordered + heat .cheers.

Tempted. Thunderbirds beats them all though.

Is this ever coming out on Blu-ray?

Ordered - thanks OP

Me and my son are working our way through this series at the moment. We are both loving it, it really is top quality, and made over 40 years ago!

Big Jim

MMmmmm Destiny Angel..

Is it wrong to fancy a puppet? I have a thing for the Angels, any one of the five, I'm not fussy, plus have a major crush on Marina from Stingray!

Hot from me great bargin, sat on my shelf a box of six discs.

This is the voice of the mysterons, this is a cracking deal earthmen!

ordered for hubby, thanks for the post

hhmmmm rhapsody angel

well written, good puppetry (better than Thunderbirds or Stingray) and alot darker. Superb series at a superb price, hot from me

Loved this as a kid, then Stingray and Thunderbirds a distant last. Never liked it as much....

I feel like such an idiot for buying the volume releases as a child (there was no way I could afford the £40 or so the boxset then cost!). Enjoy it guys, this is excellent!

Oh, and if you like this sort of thing and have a taste for more, give The Secret Service a try. It's wonderfully odd.
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