Captain underpants books (10 book set)  - £15 at The Works

Captain underpants books (10 book set) - £15 at The Works

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Captain underpants books set great to read once you've seen the film 10 books in total 2758851.jpg
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Not really a deal , £15 is the norm, if you believe the RRP in this place you really should get out more.
Funnily enough, we've just been and bought this from The Works this morning. (Took my daughter to see the movie last week and she loved it). Disagree with the previous comment; £1.50 a book is great, especially when they cost so much individually. Also the RRP of £59.90 is on the books, not just the Works price sticker, so it is what it is. Not saying anyone would pay that amount but it isn't made up either.
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Same my daughter loved it and I never knew it was a series of books
Same here; really nice for them to have something to read during the summer holidays.
Bought these from the works online last week. Kids absolutely loved them having taken hem away on holid at. Not the most inspiring but at least no gadgets
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