Car Air Compressor £3.99 in store @ Home Bargains

Car Air Compressor £3.99 in store @ Home Bargains

Found 24th Oct 2012
Car Air Compressor
Powered by your cigarette lighter
Includes multi purpose adapters
Up to 250 PSI
Easy to use and compact
Equipped with pressure checking gauge
Ideal for car & bicycles, footballs & inflatable toys

I've just pick one of these up at the Thornaby store but doesn't seem to be available online.
It's probably not the best quality air compressor in the world, but ideal to stick in the boot for an emergency situation and seems a good price to me at £3.99


They're always in stock and always this price.

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£1.74 currently in Tesco … £1.74 currently in Tesco :)

I tried 3 Tesco's and couldn't find one

The one I previously bought struggles to blow past about 28psi

250psi?? Bargain, ordered 50 to sell on to tractor owners!
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