Car Air Conditioning Re-Gas - £25 Speacial Offer @ In-n-Out

Car Air Conditioning Re-Gas - £25 Speacial Offer @ In-n-Out

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Hi all,

Been looking round for a deal to get my car AC topped and checked. Cheapest I could find was £30, for just re-gas, no oils added or vacuum test.

Rang In and Out Wednesbury, was quoted £25 inc. gas and oils.

Had the work done yesterday, took about 45 mins, the guy was really good, the system was flushed, a vacuum created and left to check for leaks for 10 minutes then the car was refilled with gas to required level. Brilliant, AC now really cold again.

It's a national deal running at the moment, be quick.

Price now £29. Still a very good deal. If ac doesn't work after regas they take the gas back out and don't charge you. Should be unexpired!
- Fistral


Thanks for posting. Added retailer, image and direct link,

I was told off my uncle not to re-gas without being resealed or the gas will leak out again. something to do with the seals drying out. could be wrong though

has to be the worst website ever, even the nearest branch locator doesnt work!



has to be the worst website ever, even the nearest branch locator doesnt … has to be the worst website ever, even the nearest branch locator doesnt work!

Works for me..................

Booked for Saturday and price confirmed £25. Bargain!!!

I just called up to book and was told this is simply a regas. They don't check for or sort out any leaks etc. is this still a good deal?

Good deal. Shame none local to me.

As Lester said, reseal to be sure. I've been told halfords will regas which also includes a sealant in the mixture, all for £30.

in that case I'm better off going to a specialist guy in brum who does everything for 30 quid and it's that price all year around and he's had top reviews from customers

Where in bham

Think this is the guy mss25681 is talking about: (copied text from site)

Car Air Conditioning Regassed for only £30.. includes Reclaiming of any Refrigerant and Vacuuming down the System- Then checking for any leaks and re gas to manufacturers specifications. Finally we add PAG oil to your system for easy running.. Dye is also added free of charge....

We are open 7 days a week whilst the weather is hot between 9.30 am to 6.30pm

Unit 20 Lawden Road
B10 0AD


Our Rates are low but our service is second to none..

We understands all aspects of air conditioning and don't just press buttons on a machine like a fitter or mechanic.

P.S There's no point in ringing us and asking the price for your car as it will always be £30.

Also if you have smelly vents then we also offer two types of air purification treatments. THE PURIFIER which is an ozone based treatment cost is £10. The other treatment is know as The Atomiser and uses an anti bacterial treatment with a fragrance cost is £15

Also we re-gas pre-1990 cars with which run on the old R12 gas with the legal replacement Gas which costs £60 pounds and Were sure you wont be that anywhere.

We also do leak detection at a cost of £10 and can have your system repaired by a fully qualified technician who also has 17 years experience 16 of which was working at a main dealership.

Thank you for taking your time to read this add and good luck with whatever you decide.


0121 448 1710

That's the one

ive never had this done to any of my cars before so i just want to be sure i choose the right one. i mean my ac works its coldish but not ice i guess if it had a leak it wouldnt get anywhere naer cold?the wednesbury in n out is close to me and seeing as the user who posted used the same branch and had good things to say i may just give it a try...

England only

Original Poster

They did everything to my car,

1. Reclaim all gas and oil
2. Create Vacuum
3. Hold vacuum for 10 mins (checks for leaks in system)
4. Refill Gas to manufacturers specification
5. Add oils and dye

Like I said took about 45 minutes for the whole process, the machine is automatic and it does all of the above automatically. You have to replace the PAG oil otherwise your seals will leak. When I called to book I made sure the oil would be replaced and was told yes.

Ok well I have a an appointment at 330 so Here's hoping to colder ac for our drive to the beach tomorrow! !


Aircon on a motorbike?

Good deal, shame there isn't a branch on the south coast. Heat added (despite the air con )

so an update, just got back from having my ac regassed and have to say i now have ice cold air con, have booked in second car for saturday, 25 pounds.

Nearest branch search doesn't work for me

Price now increased

Fixed price of £89 inclusive of VAT, parts & labour

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Aircon on a motorbike?

yup, tourers (goldwings etc) can have a/c . Also find airbags, ABS, intercoms and so on as options.

Expired, price increased.

thought it were burgers for a minute

Just had mine done at Halfords, they have 10% off at the moment. Excellent service and the cost was £44.10, not the cheapeast but was the full empty, vacuum check and regas.

Just right now that the summer is over.
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