Car Bulb Set £4.99 @ Aldi

Car Bulb Set £4.99 @ Aldi

Found 13th Feb 2011
Great deal on spare car bulb kit as Aldi, contains 7 different bulb types and 4 car fuses, includes 2 x Xenon inert gas resulting in up to 30% more light. Car bulbs are normally around £5 each.

I've fitted the headlight bulbs today, they look and work great.


Looks good to keep as spare, but some head light ones can be hell to fit in some cars.

had a nightmare fitting a headlight bulb in a corsa this week why they don't make the holders like the old ones (probably because they were easy to fit) anyway good price and hot as I paid £7 for a single headlight.

Good deal .... HOT

The 99p store are currently selling these sets but with 1 xenon bulb in instead of 2 (you can always buy 2 sets,they have fuses in and about 3 other bulbs in also.
They do H4 & H7.

unlikely to be any left in as this was the offer for the 3rd Feb, dont normally have a lot of stock then and they remove a lot for the following weeks special offers

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still loads left, just bought more (14th Feb) for family members
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