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CarChem Luxury Car Shampoo Concentrate 5l £26.79 + £4.99 del @ car chem
Found 14th Feb 2016Found 14th Feb 2016
CarChem Luxury Car Shampoo Concentrate 5l £26.79 + £4.99 del @ car chem
Detailing World award winning shampoo from CarChem. Customisable scent. Dilutable 1900:1. This is an excellent high quality car shampoo at a discounted price. Delivery is £5.80 and… Read more
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I agree with the sentiment, but it depends who your customer is. Bearing in mind this will dilute to make almost ten thousand litres, it strikes me as more like a bulk OEM product ideal for people who do car washing as a business. Assuming "Average Joe" washes his car once a week using 2 gallons this would last him about 20 years. Since most people don't even wash their cars that frequently, their 20 year expenditure on car shampoo is unlikely to be of much concern. So, good deal but excessive for the average motorist.


What you're saying is, buying a cheap and inferior product is a better economy then. (Puzzeled) I would value my customer more than that, and offer the best I could. Regardless, I would offer customer education as part of my service to why measurement is better than a good glug.


8ml per 20l water is great if you know what you are at. Average Joe thinks that a grit guard is a service provided by the council when the temperatures get low. At these dilutions, with a sponge and a vehicle which almost certainly won't be prewashed, they might as well be sanding their paint. Sorry, I manufacture products that cover both cheap and expensive sectors and your average Joe is much better served with a low dilution product where they use plenty.


Great stuff, price vs dilution rate is far better than your £1 shop they are normally 1:200, 1:500 at best. This is 1900:1 so that's about 8ml / 10ml to 20ltr of water.


This shampoo is very good, a little goes a long long way! Not had it in a while but my go to snow foam is the carchem product. heat!

Car-Chem special period group buy (Choose 4 Products 250ml*) for £12
Found 18th Jun 2014Found 18th Jun 2014
Car-Chem special period group buy (Choose 4 Products 250ml*) for £12
NO DISCOUNT CODES! Build Your Own Car Care Kit for £12.00 With our build your own car care kit you can choose up to 4 products, all are 250ml unless stated as 100ml, the price of… Read more
CarChem Leather Cleaner  & Leather Balm  + 4.99 delivery
Found 7th Jun 2013Found 7th Jun 2013
CarChem Leather Cleaner & Leather Balm + 4.99 delivery
After last weeks newsletter deal, carchem are back again but this time with a interior leather kit. Great for car interior and all things leather iv read from user reviews. Iv … Read more

They have a review section, but I don't think I will find anything, "used the lot" comment, to find out you don't like them, expensive project. So I'm taking it as a throw away comment! You get a lot of fanboys, that have no hard facts, and go post silly comments like above, I think a picture of his carchem products is in order or it didn't happen.!


where will you go to dw to check used a llot from talkalot above


delivery pricey but heat added as price of product compensates


I'm sure you have! I will pop over to DW and see your in depth reviews to back up your claim. And yes I know first hand there detailing knowledge and valeting knowledge is outstanding.


Used the lot ;) Have you talked to them? Do you know enough to realise when you are getting something most to the close? Most of the detailers out there don't have the slightest notion and would believe anything they are told :P

CarChem Valeting & Detailer Starter Kit £23.99 + delivery fee of £4.99 @  Car chem
Found 1st Jun 2013Found 1st Jun 2013
CarChem Valeting & Detailer Starter Kit £23.99 + delivery fee of £4.99 @ Car chem
Been looking for a full valeting kit for a while, and just been sent an email newsletter from CarChem, see reviews on detailing forums and has great reviews.

I dont think you will find better for cheaper, See there special offers page, you will find a link in there footer, TFR is in there,


I take it this stuff is nowhere near as good?


If this is cold, can anyone point me to a better value kit? I need something like this. Is there anything in this kit that is the equivelent of TFR? Or should I buy some seperately? Cheers


Why is this cold? It's a great kit!! The products are quality


Excellent deal for what's included; alternatively you can get their similar package with lambswool wash mitt instead of noodle mitt for another £6. Will be buying that one myself and look forward to trying some new stuff instead of Autobrite and Auto Finesse. Cheers.