Car Cover £12.99 @ Lidl

Car Cover £12.99 @ Lidl

£12.99LIDL Deals
Found 7th Oct 2012
Available from Thursday

Made from durable, water-repellent polyester
With elasticated edge for a perfect fit
Available in 3 sizes approx. (m):
- H1.2 x W1.75 x L4.4
- H1.2 x W1.75 x L4.8
- H1.2 x W1.75 x L5.3
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is there a "hole" for the aeriel ?oO
you could unscrew the aerial when you put the cover on
Useful for the onset of those frosty winter mornings, no clearing windows just wip it off and away.

Useful for the onset of those frosty winter mornings, no clearing windows … Useful for the onset of those frosty winter mornings, no clearing windows just wip it off and away.

Not to mention the snow as well, no more wet gloves

is there a "hole" for the aeriel ?oO

im sure you could make your own hole mate!
in my experience its easy to make holes, but pretty hard to un-make them...
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Hot. I could use this to cruise around at night for the "Die Another Day" invisible car effect
Generally not very good these universal ones. You want one which is tailored for your car.
Tailored one's are £45+, think I'll stick with this. Cheers OP.
Also motorcycle covers for £9, there was a thread a few days ago for them
picked one up yesterday, fits well and great vaule for money, no more getting up 30 mins earlier just to scrape off the ice
30 mins to scrape ice off
Where do you live Antarctic

These are good value for money but are not waterproof. Also might be worth putting a bed sheet over the car first as these covers are not to kind to the paint work.
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Thanks for sharing, perfect for the frosty mornings due soon.
No need for tailored fit, if you use your car regularly and it's just to keep the frost off.

Heat added.
Car covers are less than ideal for outdoor use...unless you don't care about scratching your paintwork!!
I can't be arsed to put this on at night in the dark and off again in the morning. Use newspaper to cover your windows.
Both me and hubby have one of these each and they are brilliant. Saves having to scrape the windows and run the engine at stupid o'clock in the morning annoying the neighbours
No way could I be bothered with carefully fitting this every evening, then removing every morning, making sure not to rip it as the ice has frozen solid and sealed it against the screen, storing it wet, etc. Seems rather a palaver.

Also, as someone said, if you care for your paintwork it needs a lining inside.

However, for covering my garaged convertible, which is rarely used and left on a trickle charger, this is potentially ideal in preventing the accumulation of dust and debris during storage. FYI, anyone doing this (for long periods), I recommend keeping the windows slightly open so as to prevent condensation in the vehicle and prevent the onset of stale odours!

Cheers OP.
They're cheaper on eBay
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