Car LED White 15" Micro strip / courtesy light @ Halfords £1.40

Car LED White 15" Micro strip / courtesy light @ Halfords £1.40

Found 12th Sep 2012
These were £14.99 - now reduced down to £2.00 - and further 30% off if you order on-line for store pick-up = £1.40

Add some bling to your car !

All Prism products have the 30% discount applied at checkout

Prism White 15" Micro Accent Lighting
The Prism White 15" Micro Accent Lighting is suitable for interior or exterior fitting on your car. You can create a unique style and look in your car or accentuate particular features you want highlighting with this 15" LED flexible strip. It is super flexible and can fit into the smallest places.

Features & Benefits
■Suitable for most vehicles, easy to fit
■Plugs directly into your car's cigarette lighter
■4mm length x 381mm width x 10mm height
■38cm Flexible lighting strip
■24 Super bright white LEDs
■Fit them almost anywhere on your car, suitable for interior and exterior fitment
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Plymouth, Yoevil & Bridgewater all have stock near me.. Thanks!
stafford has stock
Not a shop within 200 miles with stock !!!!!!!
In stock @ Oldham - thanks op
Thanks have reserved a few. Was looking for something like this. They're about this price on ebay from China (and probably exactly the same), but at least this doesn't have issues with postage.
There's some other Prism items reduced quite a bit…||1
Got some and not sure why, maybe just curiosity. I think if you've registered your card number with Quidco you should also get 4.5% cashback on in store purchases. I only registered mine the other day but will now see if it actually works. Nice find.
The best thing to do with them is to pull the cig lighter plug off and wire them in properly. You could hook them up to the interior light, and put them in the footwells for footwell lighting. That way they will only come on when the interior light comes on. Another possibility is under the door pockets, which would act almost like a "puddle light", but that would take a bit more effort..
Picked two up...thanks OP
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