Car Light Bulb Set
Car Light Bulb Set

Car Light Bulb Set

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Car Light Bulb Set
Saw these car bulbs they are normally around £7 each
Choose from 12V sets of H1, H4 or H7 light bulbs
Each set contains:
- 2 headlights
- 2 brake lights
- 2 side lights
Price per set £3.99

Available in store from 25.01.07


Good price for these and I'm actually in need of a new set. Thank you very much! Voted and respect given.

Check out Poundland for anyone wanting an H4 set.... no prizes for guessing the price though.

HI, Wilkinsons sell a few different varieties of these sets, we find it cheaper to buy a set at £3.99 from Wilkinson that just buying a single headlight bulb anywhere!


I've tried the poundland bulbs and can't really recommend them. The first bulb went within a month and the second was down to 50% brightness within 6 weeks and had to be replaced.

On a bit of a tangent, I also would not recommend ANY poundland bulbs. The last one I put in broke my light fitting. The glass part fell off, leaving the bayonet fitting in the light. Didn't fancy poking around there with a screwdriver to get it out, especially since the element was flapping around inside the metal housing. Dangerous or what!

So, buy poundland stuff at your peril, folks.

IMHO, that is...

I agree with the above i had same problems with bulbs from Poundland so beware.



I've had no probs with bulbs from poundland. Put new one in from poundland about 4 months back, still ok.

Not used the Poundland car bulbs, but used the 2 packs of GU10 50W household bulbs and they have been great... At 50p a shot they work just as well as £2.99 a shot Philips bulbs.
Mind you, the Poundland car USB charger I got was rubbish... didn't work.

nice one


Thanks, Tesco do these for £13.

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bumpin this as they start 2day, didnt have many in store by me tho.
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