Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 £6.45 @ Steam
Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 £6.45 @ Steam

Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 £6.45 @ Steam

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A fun little simulator for the car enthusiast and PC gamer hybrid out there.

Standard Edition is also available at £5.09

Take on the role of a professional car mechanic and satisfy your clients to earn good money, expanding your workshop and improving your skills. Buy worn-out vehicles and renovate them to get rich and become a famous car collector. Manage your business well and succeed in the market!

Gold Edition Contains:

Car Mechanic Simulator 2015

Pick Up & SUV DLC

Trader Pack DLC

Visual Tuning DLC

Young Timer DLC


Why do I want this!?

Thanks for this


Why do I want this!?

I thought the same, ended up buying it. Played it for 2 hours :'D
It's a pretty cool game, considering I don't know much about cars.

I find kicking a tyre and doing a sharp intake of breath is a good enough simulation.

Great I got the 2014 version thanks for the tip

Can you overcharge for unneccessary work and take full advantage of soft looking customers?! And any overalls dlc?

it's free on Google play store


it's free on Google play store

So y'are,Liz, so y'are.

can I charge extra for parts to make my labour seem affordable?

I have 2014 version and just reinstalled it the other day then didn't bother playing it because it didn't have any of the decent stuff from 2015, So thanks for pointing this out. I also bought the Performance DLC for a bargain £2.79 considering the things the Performance DLC brings to the game its well worth the extra £2.79

Sucks air through teeth, "that's gonna cost ya mate".

Is it available on on Mac? Sorry, being lazy as on phone.

Would this help you fix a real car!!!!??

Will this help me re-live the days when I had to annually change the void bushes on my Cortina every **** time it failed it's MOT.
Will it educate today's youth that changing the plugs, points,distributor cap and ht leads was a labour of love?
Anyone buy a Gunson's spark plug analyser with the colour changing window so they could see what colour their spark was?
Timing gun?
How about Slick 50?
I put that in my 2.0 MK 5 Cortina and convinced myself that it sounded quieter and I was getting more mpg.
Ahh,those were the days

I expect a lot of that is double dutch to young drivers today.

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