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Car Mechanic Simulator - Nintendo Switch, Nintendo eStore - £1.50

Car Mechanic Simulator - Nintendo Switch, Nintendo eStore - £1.50

£1.50£14.9990%Nintendo Shop Deals
Posted 30th Oct
  • Find classic cars inside old barns!
  • Repair engine, brakes, exhaust, gearbox and chassis!
  • Remove rust, apply putty and paint your car!
  • Sell rebuilt vehicles and become the best car mechanic!

Ok, so reviews are not the greatest and this version is a more a mobile version comparison then that of the PS4/PC varient....but for the garage tinkerers out there, at this price...well worth a punt!
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Or maybe try Surgeon Simulator CPR, for the budding medics out there…tml
You'd need an oily rag and an open can of petrol nearby for sensurround authenticity
Not forgetting the deep intake of breath when you get asked how much will it cost...
They had me with the Mk2 Golf!
does it simulate the arguement with the guy at the parts shop where he insists on you giving him the reg plate so he can find the parts
Can you fix it ?

You watch as in slow motion the mechanic brings the fag up his mouth ... slowly inhales, then blows the smoke out while muttering "thats a nightmare of a job mate"
......" that scratch woz there when you brought it in mate......"
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