Car MP3 Player FM Transmitter with SD Slot and IR Remote (SD/MMC/USB Port/MP3) £6.50 @ DealExtreme
Car MP3 Player FM Transmitter with SD Slot and IR Remote (SD/MMC/USB Port/MP3) £6.50 @ DealExtreme

Car MP3 Player FM Transmitter with SD Slot and IR Remote (SD/MMC/USB Port/MP3) £6.50 @ DealExtreme

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I bought this a few weeks ago, and then forgot all about it until yesterday. It's the Bees Knees. Not only is it an MP3 player in its own right, but it's 3.5mm jack plug will also allow you to input any sound source. After inserting an SD card I plugged it into the cars Cigar socket, tuned in the car radio and that was it. Just to make things even better, it even has a USB input that will play from your Pendrive. The supplied remote control puts the icing on the cake.
A great buy at $9.48 from Dealextreme, delivered. I always use PayPal on this site.



What's the sound quality like?

and has it got a track limit.... or SD size limit?

This one might be different, but I have tried a few of these and not found them that great. Found that they drifted off and allowed radio stations to interupt the music. I suppose it depends on where you live and how many local stations you have.

I've had one of these for a while. The sounds quality is good with minor interruptions depending on the channel you are on. Despite what it says, it does not play WMA files and i've not had any memory limit issues.

Good trinket in all.

Dealextreme rocks!
Just expressing my love..

Got one of these about a year ago and its still going! Sound quality is not bad if you find the right frequency and play from an mp3 player, sound direct from SD and USB had some bad distortion so dont use that any more.
Cant really go wrong at the price but probably take a couple of weeks to arrive.


What's the sound quality like?


Poor sound quality from USB, SD slot seems OK - I have trouble finding a good frequency to use it on so I tend not to use it any more

I got one of these a few months ago. I've been amazed at how good the sound quality is for the money. Very impressed. Only complaints would be that the remote is pretty useless; it only seems to work if its within 12 inches of the player itself. And that you can't fast forward through a song, and that it always goes back to the start of a song when you switch it on.

But for the money its fantastic.

I guess you get what you pay for.

I have one, and it seems to work best with the jack to mini-jack cable from a MP3 player.
Sound quality is average, but certainly listenable.
The provided cable is not very good though.... mine has split, and I'm having to replace it.


Dealextreme rocks! Just expressing my love..

Agreed - Top site :roll:

Bought a fm transmitter from deal extreme about 6 months ago for something silly like £2.5 and been using it since with no problems.
I guess it does depend on where you live but at these prices you cant relly go wrong..

bought one when it was £5 b4, broke after used for 3 months. but ordered another one straight as it is only £6.50. the sound quality was ok, mine didn't work with mmc althought it was list as supported media.

I have one similar to this from DX. Agree it's good for the price. A ciuple of gripes, one being USB can be bad sometimes but also on mine you can't fast foewward tracks, just skip

If you're lucky enough to have a tape player in the car (mine has with cd changer in boot) then I'd recommend one of those car cassette adaptor (cassette - lead - headphone plug) things you can pick up cheaply enough from loads of places.

I tried a few of these FM things and the quality in the car was awful, since getting a cassette adaptor its been the answer to my prayers! No extra power needed, great quality sound, and I leave phone headphone adaptors (from ebay) in the car for when the kids want to play music from their mobile phones.

Stopped using mine, had to keep retuning it as I drove

are any of these any good? ive used a couplel and the were rubbish but i wouldnt mich paying a little more for a decent one?

Bought one of these about a year ago but found the sound quality to be lacking somewhat. Decided to buy a new head unit instead that takes usb. The sound quality is incomparable.

Thats an incredible price considering they are having to ship it from the USA!


Thats an incredible price considering they are having to ship it from the … Thats an incredible price considering they are having to ship it from the USA!

They're actually in Hong Kong.
(The point you made is equally valid, of course - just letting you know ;-) )

just ordered one, only have radio in my car so anything is a bonus!, heat and rep added. x

I own the exact same widget. In my car the quality of the frequency broadcast has always been immaculate, as has the quality of playing from an SD card. I never tried it with the USB plug, and the 2.5mm jack input has broken on mine - a loose contact inside, presumably.

All in all, yes, you get what you pay for, but it served me well with music from my SD card before I owned a decent MP3 player. Worth it if you're really desperate for a cheap method of playing MP3s in your car (I went for the more dependable option of purchasing a stereo with a 3.5mm jack input for portable players).

Received mine today and just about to order one for hubby as he's pretty impressed by it. I downloaded my songs to SD card and the sound quality is very good.
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