Car MP3/MP4 Audio/Video/Media Player and FM transmitter Delivered £4.86 @ GearBest

Car MP3/MP4 Audio/Video/Media Player and FM transmitter Delivered £4.86 @ GearBest

Found 8th Nov 2015
An FM Transmitter that can transmit audio/video files to your stereo while you watch the video on it's display...

Main Features:
1.8 inches LCD display car MP3 / MP4 Player and FM transmitter
Plug and play function, can play music automatically when plugged onto car cigarette lighter
Multi-functions: MP3 player, MP4 player, SD card reader, FM transmitter
Supporting MP3 / MP4 / WMA audio and video format
Supporting SD / MMC extender card up to 4GB (not included in the package)
Built-in FM stereo transmitter, frequency range 87.5 - 108.0MHz, totally 206 channels
With remote control, allowing you to control music play freely
1.8 inches LCD display for synchronized LRC function
Adjustable panel and body to meet your optimal view angle
Powered by 12 - 21V car charger socket
Working temperature: -5 to 40 centigrade degree
An ideal companion in your car to let your enjoy videos, pictures, music, and FM radio more freely
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why has this gone cold ?

why has this gone cold ?

People have become posh.... too much money to waste on branded stuff... no one likes anything unbranded anymore
and it's not 4k resolution
£5.07 for me - worth a try
JUst be carefull with these. I have ha a couple of them .One worked for a few weeks then kept blowing fuses ,the other one got so hot and nearly caused a fire .Informed supplier who couldnt really care too hoots just refunded me with no text
I think that for £4.86 delivered people suspect you are highly likely to have problems with its quality, reliability, or safety and if things do go wrong a bit of hassle getting it replaced / a refund.
why cold?

why cold?

because a lot of these gadgets are flipin dangerous .not saying this one is ,but the one of the ones i bought nearly caused a fire in the car as it became red hot ,another kept blowing fuses ,quality leaves a lot to be desired

£5.07 for me - worth a try

Feedback on your purchase please?
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