Car Plan De-icer 600ml Aerosol Can @ Poundland

Car Plan De-icer 600ml Aerosol Can @ Poundland

Found 10th Feb 2011
Although the snow has gone, my car has been icy in the early mornings this week, this is the cheapest I have found.

I did find another deal already posted (, which is 74p @ Sainsburys, but my sainsburys doesnt have any at that price. :-(

So yeah, 600ml carplan de icer £1. btw link is to product on site.


We tried this and the Halfords cheap one during the bad weather and this one wasn't a patch on the Halfords one. Pretty typical of a lot of the £1 shop stuff - you'd be better off spendin a bit more elsewhere .....

Don't waste your £1 on this rubbish. I did and it's not worth even 10p! It's incredibly hard to press the nozzle, then the nozzle gets stuck and hardly anything comes out when you try to spray it on your windows, if you wear gloves to do it then the liquid just runs down the nozzle, stinks and wets your gloves, if you don't wear gloves then your (cold) fingers get wet and smell of de-icer...

If that is still not bad enough, it doesn't really work anyway!!!

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oh right lol it works ok for me, I usually put car on, heat on windows, a scraper and de ice to loosen ice then scrape off, its quick and easy for me.

works fine for me too, made my winter starts mile better, always a cheap price around hot deal
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