Car Power Inverter 300W £ 24.99 @ Aldi

Car Power Inverter 300W £ 24.99 @ Aldi

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Found 13th Sep 2007
Converts your vehicles 12V battery power to a very useful 230V to operate portable fridges, TVs and more.

* Easy fit connector
* 3 point socket like a domestic plug
* Includes USB slot for mobile phones and MP3 players
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Got one of these through ebay £20, from Hong Kong though of course, works a treat kept my laptop running. Just make sure your car battery is up to the task.
£14.99 in netto. you can buy a usb connector to plug into cigarette lighter for £1 in poundland.i got one to keep my sat nav charged.
Some notes:

- You won't get the full 300 Watts from your cigarette lighter socket; you'll have to clip it to your battery for that (the fuse in the socket will only be good for around 150 Watts).

- Don't plug anything into the mains sockets (or any attached socket if you use a splitter) when it's switched on - I killed one of mine doing that.

These things are very handy for gadget charging :-)
will any of these work on boats
what a question, i would imagine so. Bigger battery and probably one of those deep discharge batteries they put in Jeeps.
Has anyone bought one of these today?
Can't decide whether to go and get one or not. If someone could let me know what they are like it will sway my decision.
I bought one, not fitted it yet though as I need to make up so new leads as the leads supplied are about 30cm long (if that); definitely not long enough to reach to my car battery. Other than that it seems pretty decent and comes with a 3 year warranty, cigarette light adaptor for upto ~150W devices and a spare 35 amp fuse.

Got one of these and notice it needs to be earthed, anybody done that, not sure how to do that on the car?

Just to report back, it works a treat Black + Red to the car battery, grounding clip to pretty much any bolt that is direct contact with the car chassis.
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