Car Repairs - Free 15 Point Check & Free Brakes Check @ Nationwide Autocentre
Car Repairs - Free 15 Point Check & Free Brakes Check @ Nationwide Autocentre

Car Repairs - Free 15 Point Check & Free Brakes Check @ Nationwide Autocentre

I found this cracking deal whilst browsing the net. My car is currently misfiring and sometimes it will not start in the morning. I don't know about anyone else but i'm fed up with taking my car into the garage and being ripped off. This avoids paying for a diagnostics check which is usually around £40 - £60.

There is absolutely no charge and when booking online you can also tick the Free Brakes test.

If this wasn't good enough, once you your booking is confirmed you are given the option to purchase a 'Guaranteed MOT' for £59. As long as your MOT is more than 90 days away you can pay the £59 which covers you up to £650 for parts and labour costs on your upcoming MOT. This is only available if your car has been serviced with them and guess what? The 15 point check is classed as a service. I have the email to confirm this.

So bottom line is you can have your car checked for free and you can pay for a guaranteed MOT which could save you hundreds of pounds. Here is my confirmation email:



Thank you very much for your valuable booking.

This is confirmation that you have booked your FIAT BRAVA 80 SX registration number XXXXXX for the following:

Product Price Discount Code
Free Brake Check £0.00
Free Repairs Check £0.00

Total cost: £0.00

Date: 03/04/2010
Time: Drop off at 8.30am (Drop off at 8.30am).

As part of Nationwide Autocentres commitment to you we are pleased to offer, for only £59.00, an MOT Guarantee*, assuring you that in the event of a repair bill at your MOT you are covered for up to £650 for parts and labour - enough to deal with even serious faults. Please ask for further details about this new product when you visit.

If you have any queries please call me on XXXXXXXX. I look forward to seeing you on the 03/04/2010

Thank you,

Gordon Murdoch

* The MOT guarantee must be purchased 90 days prior to your next MOT due date


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More info about the guaranteed MOT

Providing your MOT is due in more than 90 days time and your car has been serviced at one of our autocentres, it’s now possible to avoid those unexpected MOT bills.

And, if you book online today, you will receive a £10 discount on the £69 price you would pay at one of our autocentres!

Every day driving can wear the parts on your car and land you with some hefty repair bills when you put your car through its MOT, even with a regularly serviced car.

Our MOT Guarantee means you need no longer worry about expensive repair bills that you may incur when your car has its MOT.

For just £59 (normal price £69) we’ll guarantee up to £650 of repairs for your next MOT*. Or better still, for £119 (normal price £129) our three year guarantee gives you the same £650 worth of cover for each of your next three MOTs.

What’s more, the MOT Guarantee is transferable, should you sell your vehicle during the cover period.

Remember, for your Guarantee to cover your car at its next MOT, your MOT due date cannot be less than 90 days from the day that your purchase your MOT Guarantee. If your MOT due date is less than 90 days, you can still purchase your MOT Guarantee and your car will be covered for next year's MOT.

- View What’s Covered in our MOT Guarantees

*Just a few things we ask to be able to offer you our MOT Guarantee:

•Your MOT Guarantee cannot start less than 90 days before your next MOT test due date.
•The one year MOT Guarantee cannot be taken out on cars more than 12 years old and which have covered more than 120,000 miles (10 years, and 100,000 miles for the three year MOT Guarantee).
•Your car must be MOT’d and annually serviced at a Nationwide Autocentre, according to the manufacturer’s service schedule.
Just follow the steps below to purchase either the 1 year, or 3 year MOT Guarantee, and wave goodbye to MOT repair bills!

•Step 1 - Add an MOT Guarantee to your basket using the options below.
•Step 2 - During the booking process you will make an appointment with your local Autocentre to check your car meets the criteria. Your MOT Guarantee certificate will be sent to you via post - you will need this when you visit the autocentre.
•Step 3 - You will be asked to pay for this online today, and then visit the Autocentre at your preferred appointment time once you have received your certificate.
•Step 4 - You will be sent your MOT Guarantee certificate in the post within 7 working days
For more information, you can call 0800 096 4216, or contact your local centre.


My car is currently misfiring and sometimes it will not start in the … My car is currently misfiring and sometimes it will not start in the morning

Spark plugs

Is it possible that if they find an expensive to repair MOT failure they woould just choose to ignore the fault, passing the cars MOT anyway, so as to save themselves a big repair bill?

I'm guessing here that they cover themselves by you having to have your service(s) done with them, and then during the services they will flag stuff that is even slightly worn etc and tell you it needs doing - and so when your MOT is due and you still haven't had it repaired they will not repair it for you because you failed to take notice of their reports etc... so basically paying £59 for nothing, good deal, LOL

here are the t and c's

Terms and Conditions
This Guarantee is arranged and administered by Premia Solutions Limited on behalf of Nationwide Autocentres Limited.

1. Definitions:
Administrator: Premia Solutions Limited who We have appointed to administer this guarantee. Their address is, 3 Corunna Court, Corunna Road, Warwick, CV34 5HQ.
Autocentres, Our, Us, We: Your local Nationwide Autocentre where you purchased this MOT Guarantee.
Geographical Area: The United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.
Maximum Claim Limit: the maximum number of claims allowable during the Period of Cover is 3 and the maximum amount payable per claim shall be £650 (inclusive of VAT).
MOT Test Failure Certificate: The Notification of refusal to issue an MOT Test Certificate (VT30).
Schedule: the schedule specifying our personal details, details of the Vehicle, and the Start Date of Your guarantee.
Start Date: the date Your guarantee commences as detailed in Your Schedule.
You, Your: A UK resident who is eligible for and has applied for this MOT Guarantee and has agreed to pay the premium.
Vehicle: The vehicle as shown on Your Schedule.

2. Eligibility:
Your Vehicle will be eligible for the one year guarantee providing that at the Start Date of cover, the Vehicle:-
a. is less than 12 years old since it was first registered, and
b. must not have travelled more than 120,000 miles.
Your Vehicle will be eligible for the three year guarantee providing that at the Start Date of cover, the Vehicle:-
a. is less than 10 years old since it was first registered, and
b. must not have travelled more than 100,000 miles.
3. Period of Cover:
Your MOT Guarantee will commence on the Start Date and shall end as soon as the first of any of the following events occur:-
a. 36 months after the Start Date, or
b.The premium for this Guarantee is not paid, or
c. The Vehicle is not annually serviced at an Autocentre, or
d. You modify the Vehicle in any way which the manufacturer does not recommend, or
e. The Maximum Claim Limit is reached, or
f. You, or anyone representing You, defrauds or deliberately misleads the Administrator or Us.

4. What is Covered:
You are covered, up to the Maximum Claim Limit, against the cost of repairing, replacing or altering the following parts on Your Vehicle if cited on an MOT Test Failure Certificate as being the reason for the failure of the MOT Test during the Period of Cover.

- Lighting Equipment
Headlamps, Headlamp Aim, Front and Rear Side Lamps, Stop Lamps, Rear Fog Lamps, Number Plate Illumination Lamps, Rear Reflectors, Hazard Warning Lamps and Controls, Direction Indicator Controls, Fog Lamp On/Off Indicator (Excludes Bulbs, Xenon Headlights and Tell/Tale Lamps).

- Steering and Suspension
Steering Controls, Steering Mechanism/System, Power Steering, Transmission Shafts, Wheel Bearings, Front Suspension, Rear Suspension, Shock Absorbers, Suspension Drag Link, Track Rod Ends, Suspension Springs, Wishbones, Swivel Joints, Suspension Mounting (excluding Subframes).

- Brakes
ABS Warning Systems and Controls (when the ABS warning light fails to operate in the correct sequence), Master Cylinder, Wheel Cylinders, Callipers, Load Compensator, Electronic Control Unit, Brake Pipes/Hoses/Cables (Discs and Drums are excluded).

- Seatbelts
The condition and operation of all Seatbelts and Seatbelt Mountings.

- General
Recalibration of Carburettor, Fuel Injection, Engine Management Unit or Sensor Replacement directly as a result of calibration failure to meet MOT exhaust standards. Horns, Speedometer, Speed Limiter, Windscreen Washers, Windscreen Wipers (excluding Wiper Blades and Rubbers). Tuning and Adjustments which are required to meet MOT exhaust gas emissions standards.

5. What Is Not Covered:
This MOT Guarantee does not cover:
a. any parts which have not actually failed;
b. consumables including but not limited to windscreen wiper motors, tyres, wheels, exhaust systems and catalytic converters;
c. general wear and tear reported during the Vehicle’s previous service;
d. Your Vehicle where it is used as an emergency vehicle, taxi, bus, truck, heavy goods vehicle, motorcycle or if Your Vehicle is used for dispatch, road-racing, rallying, pace-making, speed testing or any other competitive event;
e. any damage occurring, which is due in whole or in part to any type of accident or any act or omission which is wilful, unlawful or negligent by You;
f. any component covered by an existing guarantee, warranty or insurance;
g. the cost of MOT testing and/or re-testing h. corrosion of bodywork;
i. the cost of more than one MOT Guarantee claim during any 12 month period.
j. windscreens.

mm i have a suspected clutch problem and want a free diagnosis, not sure they'll check that in the above though

Avoid Nationwide like the plague! I took my car into the Colchester Brook Street branch last year for a full service and a MOT. They told me that my car had failed the MOT on the emissions test (2005 reg) and quoted me a minimum of £250 + labour+ 'any other possible problems that [they] might find when replacing the catalyctic converter. I decided to take my car into another garage (independent garage recommended by a colleague) for a second opinion. The mechanics there did a test on the emissions and found NOTHING wrong with my car. I took my car back to Nationwide fuming (me not the car) and got a free MOT retest which, oh surprise, was passed. The mechanics at the independent garage told me that they probably did the emissions test on the car when it was cold (instead of waiting for it to warm up) so as to fail it and generate more work/ profit for themselves. No prize for guessing where I will be taking my car in this year.:x

Your car must be MOT’d and annually serviced at a Nationwide Autocentre, a … Your car must be MOT’d and annually serviced at a Nationwide Autocentre, according to the manufacturer’s service schedule.

Whole host of ???'s right there. I think they mean if you haven't had your last MOT at Nationwide you'll be scuppered.

also, have to say had a bad experience using this company at an MOT when work was supposed to be required. 1) The parts weren't defective 2) The work wasn't even done very well and the car pulled dangerously to the right afterwards. :x

Nationwide. Expense for nothing. Find yourself a reliable independent garage and save yourself a small fortune.

It's another 'avoid Nationwide like the plague' from me too, I used to go there every year and pay in Clubcard vouchers and always had a sneaking suspicion that they weren't totally above board, so last time I just put the car through a service there,and not the MOT as well so that they would give me the list of things that need doing - a couple of things came up: brake pads and discs - dangerously worn and a definate fail, headlamp aim off - probably needed a new bulb. Took a look at the headlamp - the bulb had been removed from the housing and replaced so as not to be seated properly and look dimmed, took the car to Kwik fit for a free brake check - nothing at all wrong there - 'several years left on them'. And they didn't fail the exhaust, which had a huge hole in it!
Bunch of cowboys - will never go back there again now!


It scares me to think I almost used Nationwide to service my car this year. Found a local independent instead-someone who knows cars inside out

"Thank you very much for your valuable booking"

Is it only me who is unnerved by those words!?! Could be your coil pack btw, and check your HT leads are seated properly and your oil is a healthy dark colour (no white "mayonaise" under the filler cap from cylinder head problems), amongst other things...


OP not sure a diagnostics check is such a rip-off- a mobile electrician should come out to you and do it for 30-40 notes.
auto-electricians (good ones) are worth their weight in gold
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