Car Seat Organiser - £3.99 @ Aldi (Instore)

Car Seat Organiser - £3.99 @ Aldi (Instore)

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Really useful with Kids or when going on holiday etc.
For your child's favourite things
Available in 5 designs
Quick and easy to use with buckles and straps
Easy to clean
Heavy-duty water repellent material


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Available this Sunday 15th May.
I think these will be very useful especially on longer journeys
I intend getting 2 for driver and passenger seats.

Agreed .. money well spent

We had something similar when the kids were small and it saved being asked "Are we there yet ?" every five minutes.
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This will be useful with a long car journey ahead - thanks

Heat added because it's a low price for this sort of thing. Shame that kids and organisers go together like a tornado and a house of cards but you can always live in hope....

Handy, although I got an alright one from poundland.

have something similar and would thoroughly recommend - if not alone for preventing dirty feet kicking the back of the front seat..... places to store knick-knacks and places for rubbish - heat added from me

Hi guys, first post here - I just looked on the irish Aldi website and they are selling these for €2.99 or approx £2.60 sterling.…htm


what kind of family goes on holiday in a car?!


what kind of family goes on holiday in a car?!


This kind of family goes on holiday in a car!!!!

How about having no kids in the car at all?
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