Car Umbrella Sunshade Cover £165.63 @ Banggood

Car Umbrella Sunshade Cover £165.63 @ Banggood

Found 30th Dec 2016
Dont you hate getting back to your car to find it has a better sun tan than you! well with Mynew Portable Removable Semi-automatic Car Umbrella Sunshade Cover you will never have to be embarrassed again also no more cleaning bird doodie off your roof now ask yourself can you live without one?
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Ridiculous idea and easy to steal, not that anyone would want to steal other than to sell it to the next mug.
1) its pre-order
2 custom charge will be applicable
pfffffft, There's one for Dragon's Den.

Just so you know, I'm out
Wait... what's the difference between this a a £10 car cover that goes all the way over the car?

Got to be the most pointless item ever produced.
Only semi automatic...... This one is better!…qj0
I love the optional accessory that lets you use it as a picnic umbrella so the car still gets hot
Cold but fun

1) its pre-order2 custom charge will be applicable

bought thanks op

bought thanks op

Bought!!!!! WTF ha ha
bought 10 for ebay!
Love to see how long this would last in a Manchester wind.
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