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Pioneer MVHAV180 - 6.2" touchscreen with USB, Aux-in and video out £99 delivered @ Car Audio Centre
Found 11th FebFound 11th Feb
Plays Via USB:MP3, WMA, WAV and AAC audio files DivX, Xvid and MPEG-1,2,4 video files JPEG and BMP image files Accessories included - 1 USB extension cable Optional extra: NDBC8U… Read more

This is actually good for anyone wanting to use for reverse cameras display and radio. Obviously not for the audiophiles .


I've just had my Eunos Roadster boosted, she's going to be a handful (lol)


Yep, I have a Toyota Celica and Honda CRX back in the early 90s :)


The best decade for performance Japanese cars 8)


I just use this app it enables your phones hotspot as soon as the phone connects to the car headunit with Bluetooth. My headunit then always has internet from my phone. also means my phone is always up and running as a hotspot for my kids to use incar as well. I never bother with Mirrorlink stuff, just install the apps you want on the headset instead.. and for the times when my wife or someone else is driving my car i have one of the Three freedata sims in the stereo's 3G slot that gives 300Mb free data each month. This has always been enough for the odd google maps requirement if needed.

In Phase XT52II 200W 13cm 5.25" 2-way car speakers £18.50 delivered @ Car Audio Centre
Found 31st May 2017Found 31st May 2017
This seems like a really great price for some decent speakers, they have 5 x 5* reviews. Just ordered a pair for the front of my Clio V6. Gotta be much better than the cheap paper … Read more

I tried fitting them but they do not fit in my car, they are too deep (lol) I did plug one of them in and tbh the sound wasn't great and lacked bass - just going to run and hide in a corner somewhere now :S


​Any update on the speakers?




Did you fit them? Any feedback? Mine have just arrived, but I won't get a chance to install them for a bit. I'm really intrigued, as there seems to be so much general negativity towards both the company and products. The way I'm looking at it is, that the product I chose to order has been delivered, it turned up quickly and it was cheap! At the end of the day, they were under £20. I wasn't trying to buy £200 Alpine speakers only to be fobbed off with something else. They're 13cm speakers that are going to be fitted to the rattly old interior in my car. I'm not really expecting to be astonished by how amazing they sound, or going to compare them to a high-end Hi-Fi installation. Can they really be THAT bad!? Oh, and as I mentioned in an earlier post - I'm intending to fit them in an Impreza, so anything I fit is always going to be acoustically compromised by the boxer burble from the exhaust, (even though I've got two silencers on it - too old for "silly loud" these days!).


I would completely avoid, poor quality and the company is terrible, I had to instigate court action to sort things out, they threatened me with defamation for leaving honest reviews too.

GPS Dash Cam CoPilot Super 1080 HD Dash Cam £119.99 delivered @ Car audio center
Found 20th Jul 2016Found 20th Jul 2016
Lowest price I could find for this model online. Wide 170° view. As a taxi driver a dash cam is an essential piece of kit for the car.

Mediocre looking Youtube footage, especially at night. Few reviews exist, even fewer trustworthy reviews. Silver trim will make it stand out like a sore thumb. Looks about the same performance as a 20 quid one!

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Pioneer AVH-X3600 DAB Double Din AV Head Unit with Bluetooth - Car Audio Centre - £249.99
Found 18th Mar 2016Found 18th Mar 2016
Seems like a pretty good deal for a Double Din Touch Screen with DAB Radio, Made For Ipod Android compatibility and Bluetooth. Argos are selling refurbished units for £290 and £36… Read more

​Jheeze stop crying about it


Pretty sure you're not the judge of who and who is not welcome here, so excuse me if I assign absolutely zero value to that statement, which is coincidentally the same value I give your promise to ignore me from now on and actually leave this thread (at the fourth time of claiming to do so).


Oh dear, enough said, this place is not for you, you will end up getting yourself in trouble with that attitude. Goodbye! Hitting the ignore button now, the first time I have actually had to use it.


Thanks for the top tips, but I don't have to do anything - as you so rightly point out: I'm free to believe what ever I want and am free to comment as I like. As for my posting history, if I disagree with someone, I'm quite likely to tell them - that's not a negative quality, it's how we learn - by challenging other people's beliefs, especially when they don't align with my own. And as it seems we're dishing out forum advice for free now, here's mine for you: pay attention to the words you use when posting - they are the only means by which I can discern what you're trying to say. For example, your claim that I do "not allow other members to have their own opinions" is sloppy (a recurring theme in your posts). It is literally impossible for me to stop someone else from having an opinion, short of killing them. So I cannot possibly not allow other members to have opinions. It's much more accurate to say that I challenge other people's manner of posting and sometimes their opinions. For point of reference, I'm so uninterested in your opinion (or challenging it) that I haven't even bothered looking at your post history. You might also want to take your own advice about "moving on" too, seeing as posting in this thread gives you a headache and you apparently can't wait for it to end. Before you do though, see my post above about your hypocrisy.


. The difference is, you dont like it when another member doesn't agree with you. You dont allow other members to have their own opinions, or leave a comment without questioning/arguing with them. I have looked back over your deals and can see you argue with anyone that places a comment that you disapprove of. You must be able to accept constructive criticism, you must also understand that not every member is going to agree with you, you must not argue/harass any member to give further reasons to their original post/comment or vote. Bit of advice for you... get over it, post a deal and move on.

Pioneer DEH-X6600DAB Car CD DAB Stereo DAB+ Radio Android iPod iPhone Player £69.99 @ Car Audio Centre
Found 20th Jan 2016Found 20th Jan 2016
A lot of Stereo for the Money General features Digital Radio, Built-in DAB, Antenna sold separately RDS Tuner MIXTRAX EZ Split Zone RGB Illumination Larger LC… Read more

Received it today , it included a wiring harness, with bullet connectors to swaps the + and lights wires. they cost around £6 , so even better value


Ebay - got mine for £12


Yep -


Looks like a good price for the features. Heat


they sell a couple of dab aerials at £39 hot from me

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Juice JA791 4 Channel 1500 Watts Power Amplifier Compact Design £ 59.99 at Car Audio Centre
Found 18th Nov 2015Found 18th Nov 2015
I've been searching for a budget car amp & this seems a good deal as it's over £100 everywhere else. Juice JA791 1500 Watts 4 Channel MOSFET Power Amplifier 4 Channel Amplifi… Read more

I decided to buy it. Opted for free delivery which stated 2 to 3 days but it arrived the next day.


​if it manages half the power that it says jt has, it'll be enough for me at this price. My speakers are 90w rms.


2 Pairs of RCA's, so yes essentially a 4.0 system. 8 Ohm, Not likely, usually 4 ohm or below. *if* it did run, it'd be quite quiet, plus you'd need a 14.4v power supply run it


I'd like to know this as well. Could it be used at home, with suitable power adapter, as a 4-speaker surround amp with 8 ohm speakers?


total bs on the ratings - you're not going to get anywhere near those even if you had your hearing aid set to as high as it'll go. if you have the option, I would invest in a decent 2 channel with some modest fronts over trying to to amp 4 stock speakers. also note that if you amp your rear speakers you'll lose the audible bell of parking sensors (if its built into your existing electrics, fortunately mine was a seperate buzzer). I'm not going to vote either way. but bare in mind with car audio, generally you do get what you pay for.

RAC (In-phase) Quickfix Go Bluetooth music player and handsfree £19.99 @ Car audio centre
Found 9th Feb 2015Found 9th Feb 2015
I seen this on thier website.....might be useful to someone who wants Bluetooth handsfree without having to change the stereo system in the car. It also streams music from your pho… Read more

yeah it is the same. I bought one. A bit of feedback through the speakers but I am running off an american radio so that could be the reason.


received this today not RAC branded but In Phase branded, phoned them they advised that it is exactly the same product....


Unfortunately it must have sold out.


Had one, very disappointed, some may get away with it, just too much background static.


Am I missing something? £42

Mr Handsfree BC6000M Advanced Bluetooth Handsfree car kit only 29.99!! @ car audio centre
Found 1st Sep 2014Found 1st Sep 2014
Decent price for a bluethooth! everywhere else about £50 Mr Handsfree BC6000M The BC6000m Bluetooth® car kit is a professional built-in carkit known for its latest techniques in… Read more

is the mic located on the remote? or is it a separate mic? guessing the latter as no pic of mic. seems a good deal if it works well.


you would need to buy the iso cables seperatly to install this using the pro method and potentially some additional cables


If you Google the product, the website has installation instructions in PDF format. Not the clearest on first looking, but probably make more sense with the product and your car stereo in front of you.


Any idea how easy is it to fit the pro version? Is it something anyone can do or do you need a fitter?

For Ford models- In Phase IPX-FD1 7" Touch screen DVD player with SD /USB /Sat Nav /iPOD /Bluetooth functions £199.99 @ Car Audio Centre
Found 10th May 2014Found 10th May 2014
Despite being a B grade item and limitations on the usage I thought it was worth posting. It might not be worth the £999 advertised but prices are around the 600 mark on ebay and … Read more
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Self promoting?


Self promoting cold.


hmmm says ex demo from of there stores, they have 25 units for sale but only have 7 stores


This one is pretty interesting awaiting reviews :):)



In Phase ReverseSafe Parking AID system, Invisible Sensor and Distance Display was £149.99 Now £24.99 @ Car Audio Centre
Found 30th Mar 2014Found 30th Mar 2014
Choose standard free delivery Only 8 positive reviews but all pretty good In Phase ReverseSafe Parking AID system, Invisible Sensor and Distance Display Whether your car is 30… Read more
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No, the real advice is write telling them always keeping a copy and proof of delivery. I would spend my day talking to people that said 'but I told the insurance company'. If you can't prove it then it didn't happen when there's a claim !


I didn't say that an insurance company wouldn't like to know about a remap, I said that in my opinion, fitting a cheap, probably low quality, and certainly not manufacturer approved device that is designed specifically to prevent a reversing accident - and could easily cause a claim if/when it fails is surely worthy of their attention, and in my opinion, as important, if not more important to mention! I also drive a modified car (not remapped as the ECU can't be remapped, but with good old induction, value, head work instead...) and declare absolutely every modification, whether performance increasing or simply a visual mod (change of wheels for different design in the same size for example). I think the only real advice here is to call and ask.


The thing is this catches out genuine people who don't realise that they should have told their insurance company or sometimes they say they did. when the insurance is being sold it's a quick question and it's not really gone into as it makes the quote more expensive and the customer therefore less likely to take the insurance. It's not unheard of for the sales team not to tick the box even when the customer has told them because they want the sale. if they don't sell enough it's a disciplinary procedure and possible sack. Then months later there is an accident and it is queried by the call centre staff when the accident is reported. so insured says ohh yes, I told you when I took it out. It's got alloys, flash stereo, whatever and then it's ohh it will be referred to underwriters as it's not on your records, didn't you read the small print ? Alternatively it's I didn't know it wasn't standard on that car. either way the policyholder ends up paying more.


It's a good gain, remaps are really popular these days and so easy to do even DIY with the handsets you can buy quite cheaply on ebay. Which is why I brought it up, there must be quite a lot of undeclared mapped cars out there now. I have remapped a few of my cars, last one was a Focus ST which you can easily put 40-50bhp on it and a boat load more torque, which is the main thing. Easily like 300lb/ft of torque. Transforms the car, in gear acceleration is absurdly good. Turbocharged cars can benefit hugely. Cheap performance gains to be had, my father had his old Peugeot 406 HDi done a few years back after I showed him This article, it always had a nasty flat spot in the torque curve, afterwards it was amazing how much better it was to drive and it hardly impacted the fuel economy at all.


It is true, but then several mods may not be mentioned to insurers like this as second hand owners can hardly be expected to know the exact OEM spec of the vehicle. A well fitted integrated reversing sensor kit- most people I know wouldn't think about mentioning that to an insurer as a 'modification'. Like I said however, a remap is unlikely to be detected unless you looked in the right place for it. Unless the car was involved in a fatal accident or suspected or having a mechanical fault so was thoroughly investigated, nobody would probably ever know.

Alpine CDE-W235BT Double Din Car Stereo with Bluetooth, iPod and Android Control @ Car Audio Centre
Found 24th Mar 2014Found 24th Mar 2014
A decent alternative to the Pioneer FH-X700BT posted here the other day:… Read more

I've just updated the deal to reflect the current price. Still not bad for £135, though obviously not as good as £120 :) I went and saw both this and the Pioneer at Halfords the other day and while the features are quite similar, this unit looked miles better! Definitely looks like the more grown-up and easier to use unit!


You'll probably want something like this: It comes with the ISO connector (takes factory power, speaker etc. wiring and converts it to the ISO standard plug that will be on aftermarket HUs). You can probably find all the connectors you need from the Connects2 website and then when you have found the part number, have a look on the web for the cheapest price :)


This is a great player at a great price. I have this, bought it at £160 8 months ago. Awesome sounds and BT is really good


Cheers Jazzy, I went up to my local Halfords to price the steering wheel adaptors and they wanted £50!! so I didn't bother ordering. If I can find out the model of cable required I probably will buy on and have a go myself as there is a great video on youtube showing you the exact steps to remove the OEM headunit. All I know is the Halfords boy was on about ISO and muttering something about it maybe being an amplified system or not


I'd say no. The £30 will only cover removing and installing the new unit, but they'll charge you an arm and a leg for all the connectors etc. You're better off buying the connectors elsewhere e.g. eBay and having a go installing yourself. Maybe check the Sante Fe owners forums and see if anyone has posted up a guide or something similar, print that out, buy some plastic trim removal tools (about £5-6) and I think you can't go wrong. Don't forget to disconnect the battery before you begin :)

Pair of JVC DRVN series CS-V627E Car (Door) Speakers. 6.5" 230W Peak power £14.99 @ Amazon/Car Audio Centre
Found 9th Dec 2013Found 9th Dec 2013
Just had a set delivered and to my surprise they sound better than my Fli Integrators and Mac 16.2's which both cost quite a bit more! Just as good bass and they hit the mids and t… Read more

YEAH - HOW OLD IS UR CAR DUDE ... i smell bs


not bad, not bad at all


how olds your car

Clarion VZ409E 7 inch DVD in car stereo single DIN £160 @ Car audio Centre
Found 27th Oct 2013Found 27th Oct 2013
Seems a great deal- £288 on Amazon, £210 on eBay. Single din sized car stereo with DVD playback on a 7 inch screen. iPod compatible. No sat nav or bluetooth but bluetooth can be ad… Read more

Looks great. I'm not impressed with the Bluetooth audio codec sound quality. I currently have bluetooth in my car stereo. Unless it's got something like an APT-X codec, I'm not interested in the Bluetooth. This is an excellent item.


Looks like it was a good option a few years back, but if you want bluetooth the add on adapter is silly money and not integrated. Looks like Navigation is not n option either. If you just want to play DVD in the car, have a reverse camera and connect your ipod it looks ok value. It mentioned a low pass filter, but really you need a high pass filter if adding a subwoofer, to stop the low frequencies getting to the front and rear speakers.


For me personally any stereo these days without bluetooth is a waste of time. Never mind the fact it isn't DAB.


I remember when I was chavin my fiesta up in 2005 and I paid about £1100 for a alpine one! #idiot #gotmesomeclungetho #didntreally #whyamihashtagging?


now "Only 4 Left! "

Juice JS694 450 watts 4-way speakers  rrp £165 @ Car audio centre
Found 27th Jan 2012Found 27th Jan 2012
Juice has maximized accuracy by equipping the JS694 speaker with the 3-way tweeter. This specially-shaped domed ring surrounds the speaker's tweeter, supertweeter, and midrange, re… Read more



crap speakers, crap make and crap company COLD stay away from car audio centre!


Ahhhh 6x9's. Apparently a Vauxhall Nova wouldn't run properly without a set roughly hacked into the rear parcel shelf ....


Freezing this one over.


Ridiculous RRP same price here once you add delivery with a more realistic RRP of £50.