Carerra Banshee 18" Mountain Bike - £239.99 @ Halfords

Carerra Banshee 18" Mountain Bike - £239.99 @ Halfords

Found 3rd May 2009
Carrera Banshee full suspension mountain bike: Should be £499 - 20% .....but actually £299 -20%. Collect at store only.

Do not put in 'build it for me' and then use the 'find the neareset availability for me'.

I've just reserved one at the 'NEWTON ABBOT STORE'.

The 19" is still £499 - 20%


For this bike with those components it's a bargain. Shame i already have a good bike as I would snap one up. Heat and rep added even though you support totters !!! (gooner fan lmao).

Gutted nearest one to me is 152 miles away oh well nice fine hot n rep:thumbsup:

We are very sorry, but no UK store currently has all of the items you require in stock

I think they were clearing the last of the 2007 models. Its a different spec to the 19", (which is quoted '08' model).

Original Poster

It said none available for me me the first time then I asked for 'not built for me' and it found them.

Reserved one in Clydebank, Glasgow. Also showing stock in Shettleston, glasgow.

in stock in Alperton if anyone is interested.


Gutted nearest one to me is 152 miles away oh well nice fine hot n … Gutted nearest one to me is 152 miles away oh well nice fine hot n rep:thumbsup:

152 miles lucky git, its 252 for me and thats the Glasgow one and I am in Reading. :thumbsup: Would be easier to collect than convince my wife to allow me to buy it though!!

does anyone no if they will do a store transfer? Would it be suitable for me being 6'2" or would I need a bigger frame?

Home delivery is available.


Home delivery is available.

not on my screen?

I think these have all gone. :-(


not on my screen?

Nar i see, its there but when i selected it it then only offered store pickup, and there is none in store.

I think this was a pricing error,ordered one last night and got a call this morning saying they dont have these

got a call this afternoon saying not in saleable condition!

We got the last one in the country it seems from Airdrie, I now have one very happy girlfriend, as bought it for her birthday, thanks very much OP. Even better deal than stated above as they called this morning to say that it was damaged, on phoning they said it was a problem with front gear shifter but would give us £50 off. Got it home, got the allen keys and pliers out, and fixed it in 5 mins lol.

Thanks once again, positive rep left.

Had a message left on my Phone from Halfords saying bike was damaged and they could not supply and no other stock available. A common theme methinks for a misprice?

halfrauds strikes again....
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