carerra ladies or unisex kids road bike - £160 @ Halfords

carerra ladies or unisex kids road bike - £160 @ Halfords

Found 10th Sep 2016Made hot 11th Sep 2016
For any ladies wanting to start road cycling this is a great entry level bike at a great price.


small ladies only unfortunately

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Or kids and tbh would also suit a young boy, far better than these cheapo apollo or Viking kids bikes

There was a bike I wanted from Halfords on same but size not on website, went instore to all and they found me one. So worth a trip of you're interested


small ladies only unfortunately

That's a shame...

Thats not a ladies bike frame, the cross bar has to go down at a steep angle so they can ride wearing a skirt.

"Zipping along the tarmac, careering around corners... perfect for swift and speedy road cycling." Can we assume the copywriter isn't a cyclist? oO
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