Carex moisture plus handwash 250ml ~ 56p (using PYO) @ Waitrose

Carex moisture plus handwash 250ml ~ 56p (using PYO) @ Waitrose

Found 29th Dec 2016
Crazy price. Wish I could get some but then what to do with all my Dettol hand washes?

Carex complete moisture plus hand wash works in seconds to effectively clean, care and protect hands. It cleans effectively removes dirt and germs, cares special blend of moisturisers helps keep skin feeling soft and protects enhanced to give superior protection for healthy hands. It contains triple moisturising action that kills 99.9% of bacteria. It is dermatologically tested by experts.
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What's PYO?
pick your own you get 20% off
Fab, I'm on my last one, so will stock up tomorrow and get a year's supply
it's not Arkwright's you pick all your own!

What's PYO?

I'd wondered that too!.

It's an acronym that the OP should have elaborated on what that kinda meant like ..... (never heard of it, lol).

pick your own you get 20% off

Thanx, how's that PYO (Pick Your Own) thing work then?, never heard of it before? (so have no idea ... )
get a waitrose card which is free then you can get a free coffee every day also you get to pick 10 items that you get 20%
yes order a card online then select your picks online -
Still got 4 from the last event, will top up my supply
Heat added. shame it doesn't inc Aloe Vera version.
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