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Toyota Avensis lease deal 3 years £6982.32 @ carleasingmadesimple
Found 15th Dec 2017Found 15th Dec 2017
Toyota Avensis lease deal 3 years £6982.32 @ carleasingmadesimple
Hi all first time poster here! I've been looking for a lease deal for less then £200 a month and stumbled upon this one. Looking at the cold ratings coming through I think I may ha… Read more
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What first deal could someone post without it looking funny?


Not really...


Unfortunately not, "I'm just a man standing in front of a car asking if it's a good deal"


Funny how this deal was the first OP has posted. Reported.


Bought mine new £22000 discounted, sold 2.5 yr later 20,000 miles £5,500 cant believe such a nice car lost so broke retired et

Nissan Qashqai Lease deal for £152.32 per month @ carleasingmadesimple
Found 18th Feb 2016Found 18th Feb 2016
Nissan Qashqai Lease deal for £152.32 per month @ carleasingmadesimple
With personal lease rates starting from £153.32 and CO2 emissions from 99g/km, the new 2014 Nissan QASHQAI HATCHBACK represents outstanding value for money on contract hire. The Ni… Read more

website says 129g/km and not 99g/km. is better.


I actually didn't notice the contract length when I posted. In hindsight, I think 60 months is too long


We all know though that the problem with this is that most people dont have the funds to buy a used car. Thats is why most are bought new on finance. Thus people who drive new cars are likely to be the poorer ones especially when you see they are usually parked outside terraced houses or council estates. But yes I agree. Buying new cars is a mugs game. I have never bought a new car especially one on finance.


Thanks for adding so much to the conversation. One intelligent reply with your reasoning would have done the job, but instead you just make yourself look like a troll having a titter-tatter with the OP. To bring the thread back on topic {ahem} - interested why the Qashqai post did so well yesterday and this is getting so cold, despite working out cheaper per year? I guess its the length of the contract, people just like a new car more frequently, less likely to have to pay maintenance?


​Id personally just buy a slightly used car less than year old if the mileage you will put on dont justify. Usually upto 3yr warranty and sell in 2 years, likely you wont lose 5k in depreciation.

Mitsubishi -OUTLANDER ESTATE-GX3- Lease £282.52 - £14973.56 @
Found 1st Sep 2014Found 1st Sep 2014
Mitsubishi -OUTLANDER ESTATE-GX3- Lease £282.52 - £14973.56 @
Car Lease: Personal Lease Mitsubishi OUTLANDER ESTATE 2.2 DI-D GX3 5dr [Leather] Lease. We've been looking for a solid 4x4 to pull a horse trailor, this is the best deal i'm come … Read more
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Manage to negotiate a quote: Initial Payment - £1019.79 (3 months) £337.93 x 36 month - 10K Mileage or Initial Payment - £1019.79 (3 months) £363.52 x 36 month - 15k Mileage check t&c's a lot of leases only charge 6p per mile extra over limit. the 15k option works out just under 6p p/m better in my opinion to take the 10k option and pay extra miles after.


Actually just ended up being the best one for the task.. Got horses which means needing a 4x4 and the competitors are just alot more expensive.. If anyone know's any other super 4x4 deals then let me know :)


U must really like this car...


Sell the horse,sell the horse box, get a vw golf r for c£250pm instead ,more fun,and you will be doing everyone a favour as wont be holding up the trafic with your oh so slow horsebox ;)


Our horse box is 1200Kg and horse is 600Kg - so perfect for us with this one.

BMW X6 24 Months Lease £431.98 per month  for March delivery (on the new "14" plate). @
Found 3rd Jan 2014Found 3rd Jan 2014
BMW X6 24 Months Lease £431.98 per month for March delivery (on the new "14" plate). @
Looks like a very good deal for a big Prestige SUV. Business contract hire, 8000 miles per annum without manintenance.

Clicked link! Didn't laugh??


check her out on twitter. She fights against any leasing company that hides the true cost of a lease.


But how is it a rubbish offer? The same lease from BMW for the same model will cost a minimum of £400+ VAT p/month. Not a rubbish offer just not for everyone


He is a she!. She is one of the few to have turned down a dragons den offer :-)


It drivers decent, but I prefer the beautiful Porsche Cayenne or even the Audi Q7. That being said, it's a guzzler on local drives.