carling 20 x 440ml £10 at sainsburys

carling 20 x 440ml £10 at sainsburys

Found 13th Apr 2011Made hot 13th Apr 2011
20 pack of carling only £10 instore at sainsburys max 4 per customer


Heat added, last time they did this i couldnt find it in my local will try again.

I haven't voted but this is just cats p***



I haven't voted but this is just cats p***

Slightly more like dogs p**s than cats p**s to me.

Best beer deal at the moment. 50p a can isn't bad. My beer of choice in cans too. Heat added.

Great find, thanks to OP, heat added.


Good value everyday beer have some heat

Tesco are sure to follow before Easter, rather than their present pathetic 2 for £16.

Looks like 20 packs are the norm now, instead of 24

Great, thanks! I was running out. Shelves were bare but they found a few out the back!

time to fill the shed again me thinks......heat added

would rather drink my cats ****
still a waste of money even at 50p a can
drink evian

Ok not my choice,of beer..but hey,with the Becks as well , worth a visit! Nice 1

if people dont want to drink it then dont buy it!


Missed out last time, hopefully get my ass up their this week!!

Historically, there's been much better deals, but as highlighted previously, unfortunately this seems to be as good as it gets in this land of rapidly rising prices and smaller quantity of beers in the deal - so have some heat!

Normally drink coors but as beer deals are poor at the moment a few crates of this will do as no other good deals on imo

Good deal Thanks for posting, Pity some people prefer to mock the quality of this deal/lager its not my favourite but its still prob one of the biggest selling lagers in this country so drank by plenty of people so a good post!!!

Nice find. Too many people must have tasted cats **** on this thread. If you dont like it then dont buy it

Good deal for a good lager

Why do people have to come on to slate a product when someone posts a good deal? You must have been interested to click on it in the 1st place!

Didnt see the offer in sainsburys its still full price the same online!

Original Poster

yes its not the best beer in the world but at 50p a can its pretty good value. As for the cats p**s comments, I haven't tasted such treats so cannot make the comparison. whether you like it or not you can't disagree that this is about a hotter deal as you're going to get these days

Was not out,when we went last night..we had to ask for Carling,,they did not even seem to know about the deal...but got it right price,cheers!

In Asda today and it`s 2 for £16 and only 12 in a crate. (£1-51 a litre)
Last week in Tesco 3 for £20 but only 12 in a crate. (£1-26 a litre)
This is the best deal around at the moment and likely to stay that way, so grab it while you can.

The p*ss drinkers on this thread are talking out their a*ses as usual.
If any of them can come up with a better deal ------------- post it or button it.
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