Carling 4% 24x440ml ****£10*** @ Morrisons

Carling 4% 24x440ml ****£10*** @ Morrisons

Found 19th Sep 2009Made hot 20th Sep 2009
From 21st september Morrisons are selling Carling 24x440ml cans for a bargain £10.00


Good deal, will post heat and rep once/if confirmed......

great price!

typical the week i decide to give up the booze! all the best to all who buy have a couple for me! Cheers!

where have you heard this?

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where have you heard this?

A friend of a friend :whistling:

hope its at my morrisons x

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hope its at my morrisons x

Yes it will its a National promotion :thumbsup:
Tv advertising starts for this offer on Monday :whistling:

Hope the hubby does'nt see this .

i would love to give up booze but i'm not a quitter!

What happened to the 0.2%?

cut back everywhere!

will have to stock up

Cheers could do with sum more beer ; )


Hope the hubby does'nt see this .

Well, but I did:whistling:
Heat and rep once confirmed and stock up.

yup I heard through managers at work that this is going to be on after questionning why we had so much coming in in the warehouse

wow maybe even start drinking carling now


nice and cheap!

Amazing price!!! Should be at Peterborough Morrisons

I think I'm gonna need a bigger fridge!

good deal

This stuff is like sex on a boat - ******* close to water!

Bargain hot!

too hot

manonfire238 - I totally agree. Cans of alcohol flavoured water - stopped buying this stuff years ago.

Perfectly in time for Freshers Week. Get in. :thinking:

Great price! Perfect for those lonely winter nights

nice one, heat added

But it taste crap and ***** :-D


This stuff is like sex on a boat - ******* close to water!

hahahah nice one! I does also taste like iron fillings out of the can! Not a nice drink by any means! Doesn't even taste right on draught, and for those reasons Aaarm ooooot :thumbsup:

great price for a great beer

Lousy product, lousy taste but for those who like it, a HOT bargain

Got 2 cases this morning at a tenner a whip..... hot for me.. or should I say "Cool"

Sweet deal. Max 4 per customer...

Picked up 2 earlier. Thanks for posting the deal!

Just picked up a 24 pack from work !!! It works out (with 10% staff discount) at 37.5p a can !!! HOT HOT HOT (But drink it cool,cool,cool!) !:thumbsup:


Got this also today!

2 cases in the cupboard. Some in the fridge-cold.... i mean the lager:thumbsup:

This is one of the best beer deals for a while.

good deal - i bought 2 today in stoke. will be going back for more to stock up for xmas etc.
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