Carling 440ml x 20 pack for £10.40 in store Tesco

Carling 440ml x 20 pack for £10.40 in store Tesco

Found 18th Mar 2017
Popped into Tesco today and couldn't resist Carling 440ml x 20 case for £10.40 in store Tesco, so I bought 12 cases. Works out about 67p a


Perfect for the party that you want everyone to leave early from.

I would kindly suggest that you drink weaker stuff if you think 20 cans for £10.40 is actually 67p and not 52p per can. To be honest can't get much weaker than Carling and approx 50p per can is about right when it is on offer.

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Sorry 67p per pint

Carling Lager 18X440ml is £10 at Tesco national deal if you cant find 20 packs for £10.40.

Very average lager, only reason to buy is if it's got a NOW sports pass on box,then it just about becomes palatable!
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