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Posted 3 December 2022

Carling Original Lager 18 x 440ml - £10.01 (Discount at Checkout) @ Amazon

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£13.99 - £3.99 = £10 Free delivery with prime or buy 2 with free delivery.

  • Proud to be made local in Burton-Upon-Trent
  • Carling is brewed with 100 Percent British barley, which is red tractor accredited
  • Alcohol by volume: 4 Percent

As the UKs No.1 Lager, Carling has a well balanced flavor of sweetness and bitterness, ensuring perfect refreshment.

Carling Original Lager
At Carling we’re proud to be made local in Burton-on-Trent. A town world-famous for brewing at the very heart of Britain. We brew Carling using only the best British barley, lovingly grown and harvested across the country, including barley from our very own Growers Group.

Amazon More details at Amazon
Please drink responsibly; visit Drinkaware for more advice.
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    Disgusting garbage awful crap liquid poop drink
    Why bother posting if you do not like it? Plenty of us do. Do you really believe anyone will be swayed into not buying it because of your comment? Mods are on my back again, so will probbaly be deleted. Anyway, had to be said.
  2. Avatar
    Also £10 at Tesco if anyone's nearby
  3. Avatar
    In before the “Beer flavoured water” lot, lol

    2x 18 for £20 at Asda as well. (edited)
    Lager flavoured water
  4. Avatar
    2 x 18 cans for 20 quid in Morrisons too
    Must’ve been 4 pallets in our local one today, can’t believe how long it’s been on offer for 2 for £20.00.
    Not the best lager but drinkable. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Vile stuff. The only beer that can sit in the fridge without temptation to drink it
    Better than drinking urine? (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Decent beer. Don’t listen to the hipsters.
    Let's be real, it's neither of those things. And that's not strictly a bad thing!

    It's session lager, intended to be downed at football matches and on park benches without making you too bloated, drunk, or overloaded with flavour.

    You can drink far more of these than a "hipster" beer before you get bored or sick of it , and that's absolutely fine but let's not pretend that Carling is in any way "quality" or "good"
  7. Avatar
    Thanks OP, ordered 3 for delivery to the People's Republic of Scotland. Cheers Auntie Nicky!
    Same here. Cheers.
  8. Avatar
    I paid £11 for this on 9th Nov ‘21 from Amazon. Take that, inflation!
  9. Avatar
    Cheers from Wales 🍻
  10. Avatar
    The last time I bought this from Amazon it sat there for ages and was eventually cancelled. At the time I saw a comment on the HUKD thread from someone else it had happened to

    Considering this is presently £10 (or 2 for £20) at most supermarkets I'd go there instead
    I buy this all the time from Amazon, when on offer. Yet to be let down, this order due for delivery tomorrow. Nearest supermarket to me is about a 140 mile round trip, so think I will stick with Amazon.
  11. Avatar
    £9.99 in Lidl
    but delivered for a few pence, easy for the lazy like me
  12. Avatar
    Delivery straight to your door , yes I will have some of that
  13. Avatar
    Why complain this is a perfectly good breakfast beer!
  14. Avatar
    Bought 3 [max] thanks OP!
    Same here
  15. Avatar
    free delivery is a bonus if you dont have those stores near you
  16. Avatar
    Good find. Nice day beer 🍺
  17. Avatar
    £9.99 in Aldi this morning
  18. Avatar
    not if you live in wales ermm, drakeford siphons off £4 more...gotta keep the dolies in free money.
  19. Avatar
    thanks op, saves the hassle of lugging them from the shop to home not to mention fuel and time to get there and back
  20. Avatar
    Damn no s&s
  21. Avatar
    Ordered. Thanks op
  22. Avatar
    thanks for posting, just ordered one
  23. Avatar
    First time they have had it in stock since June good price for 3 £30
  24. Avatar
    Molsen Coors purposely make this at 3.5% to save them millions in duty even though it says 4% as they can be 'out' by half %. Kronenbourg is £10 for 15 cans in Tesco and Sainsbury's much better beer
    I don't think it is. Now what?
  25. Avatar
    Ordered thank you
  26. Avatar
    Great ordered 3 as we are in Scotland ours are £15 +
  27. Avatar
    9.99 At Aldi
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