Carlitos Way: Rise To Power DVD £1.99 + Free Delivery @ Power Play Direct

Carlitos Way: Rise To Power DVD £1.99 + Free Delivery @ Power Play Direct

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Found 14th Jan 2009
The success of Brian De Palma's Carlito's Way ensures that the straight-to-DVD release of Carlito's Way: Rise to Power will attract an eager audience among fans of urban gangland melodramas. A stellar cast provides adequate compensation as this tame, relatively bloodless prequel trots out every clich?n the book, qualifying as the 21st-century equivalent of a Warner Bros. gangster programmer from the 1930s. The well-chosen cast of new and familiar faces is caught up in a standard plot of territorial tension in Harlem between the blacks led by Hollywood Nicky (Sean Combs, adding a touch of blingy humour), the old-school Mafia led by Artie Sr. (Burt Young), and the caught-in-the-middle Puerto Ricans who are gaining control as Carlito (Jay Hernandez, in the role Al Pacino originated) and his cross-cultural gang rises to power after his recent release from prison with cellmates and partners-in-crime Earl (Mario Van Peebles) and Rocco (Michael Kelly). They're a tight trio in a climate of mistrust and deception, and Earl's hot-headed brother (Mtume Grant) sets off a series of events that force Carlito to invent a clever alliance that raises the body count while ensuring his long-term status as a dude-you-don't-mess-with. It's fun, for what it's worth (and fans of De Palma's film will enjoy connecting events from one film to the other), but there's not a shred of originality in script or direction by Michael Scott Bregman, whose father Martin produced Carlito's Way. Still, there's something to be said for a gang picture that never promises more than it can deliver. On those terms, and with enough violence and strip-joint nudity to satisfy its generic prerequisites, Rise to Power is definitely worth a look


great price!
Nice find:thumbsup:
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Can't believe this is only £1.99, great film...voted hot:thumbsup:

You guys know this is the rubbish prequel and not the Pacino original right?

They even badly rewrite the ending to conflict with what's in the Pacino film, and an actor from the original is in this prequel playing a different character!

Absolutely terrible compared to the original film. Thats said, if you've not seen it £1.99 is a decent price to pay. Hot deal (only for the price)
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