Carlsberg Draughtmaster DM201 - £94 Delivered from JohnLewis

Carlsberg Draughtmaster DM201 - £94 Delivered from JohnLewis

Found 2nd Nov 2007
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Carlsberg Draughtmaster DM201

Product Information

Ever wish you could come home from work, pull a pint of cold lager, and put your feet up? With the Carlsberg Draughtmaster DM201, you can.

And its not complicated either. Simply insert the keg, connect the beer tap and let the built-in chiller do the rest. Its 5 litre capacity ensures theres loads of cold, quality beer available for the lads when they come over to watch the footy. The professional chrome handle and matching drip tray also add a touch of bar-like coolness to the design.

Lager keg sold separately.

Key Features

Brand Carlsberg
Capacity 5L
Dimensions H46 x W27.5 x D51cm
Model name / number DM201
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"New research undertaken by the Danish Electricity Saving Trust and the Danish Technological Institute reveals that Carlsberg’s new DraughtMaster™ plug and pour all-in-one beer chiller consumes the same amount of power as five ordinary refrigerators"

"Using the unit for a full year will land consumers with an extra electricity bill equal to the original purchase price. "
Nice little gadget if it didnt use so much electric , thanks for the info dudedude
This isn't the kind of gadget you have running all day, that's what pubs are for.

This thing is for the occasional summer BBQ, between the floods of course so the alarmist statements about it's annual power consumption are somewhat null and void.

I think it's a great deal and would impress the hell out of your mates.

This isn't the kind of gadget you have running all day, that's what pubs … This isn't the kind of gadget you have running all day, that's what pubs are for.

I thought the point of this was so you don't have to go to the pub. I certainly wouldn't want to wait for it to cool down for hours after switching on every time I want a drink when I get home.
Also it's a tad expensive for the occasional summer barbie, thats what tinnies are for surely?
it'll only be on for occasional weekends and anyway, I've got no girls in my flat using hair straighteners or hair dryers or heating on full so we've got a bit of energy to play with :whistling:

ace bloke gadget
Also, I take it the cold voters are going to tell us where to get it cheaper? hmmm?

With John Lewis, do they price match and then allow voucher use? Cos you can find this at ~£100 so with the voucher could be £80....
my mistake, the £100 is made by Breville.....

]Carlsberg Export Draughtmaster Keg 5ltr [COLOR="Red"]£11.39[/COLOR]

Sorry, this item is currently out of stock

And likely to remain that way as they no longer sell the draughtmaster:thumbsup:

Just checked tescos store price on this.

Carlsberg Exportdraughtmaster Keg 5ltr £11.99(£2.40/litre) SAVE £2.00 Was … Carlsberg Exportdraughtmaster Keg 5ltr £11.99(£2.40/litre) SAVE £2.00 Was £13.99 Now £11.99 - valid from 29/10/2007 until 04/12/2007

your better off with the wunderbar sold by because you can use pretty much any barrel in it as well as fruit juice and wine etc.the carlsberg draughtmaster only takes the carlsberg barrel
Let's put this in perspective.You pay £84 to buy something that keeps cold a keg of beer,that you pay £14 for,then use more leccy to run it,which is the equivalent of about 12 tinnies,that cost about £8 and can be kept in your fridge quite easily.Also with the beer wars that are seemingly endless at supermarkets at the moment tinnies are even cheaper.Definately only for novelty value and those blokes who must have gadgets.:roll:
Have a look at these machines. Much better range of beer - Stella etc!…php
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