Carlsberg Export 18 x 275ml £5
Carlsberg Export 18 x 275ml £5

Carlsberg Export 18 x 275ml £5

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Just went to get me some of the Bud Ice at my local store in Stanley and they were sold out, they did however have a few pallets of Carlsberg Export (5%) 18 x 275ml at the front of the store.


great Deal - Welcome to HUKD rep+heat added

Great deal. Pity Carlsberg tastes like tramp urine.

Heat added.

Tis already posted my friend!

Already posted as above and Kronenburg also in offer at £5 for 18 x 300mm for those who don't know yet.

This really is a good deal, especially for Export.

I think i've worked it out as your getting 8.71 pints for £5!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::-D:w00t:

key word here is SELECTED STORES only!!!
none in ASDA in Bangor N.I.
not available in every ASDA , cheapest they had when I was there was £10 a crate ... not exactly a bargain

Got the last one is washington Asda - Awesome Deal!

Lashed tonight!

Got two boxes in my local Asda.

When I went in today they only allowed you to buy 6 cases. My friend went to another store and they were only allowing you to buy 3 crates so may be worthwhile checking before lugging them all into the trolley! Very good deal though, thanks for letting us know.

Just got 3 cases, thanks a lot for this. Double post was worthwhile as I missed the earlier one.

Just wish I had more people with me to get some more in.

Hasn't expired?

This has not expired... I just got the Carlsberg from Barking branch of Asda. They had Grolsch as well. £5 is a bargain!

This offer was better than some of the alchahol prices I saw in France, Calais the warehouses yesterday!

Original Poster

Its been expired because its a repost I believe.


got 4 boxes today

Dam I was in their earlier as well.....

a few left at asda in oadby leicester, i got two boxes of 20 bottles for a tenner.

I had a nice ice cold bottle b4, amazing price for £5!
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