Carlsberg Export £9 x 18 bottles! @ Morrisons

Carlsberg Export £9 x 18 bottles! @ Morrisons

Found 11th Jun 2011
Morrisons are selling 18 bottles of carlsberg export for £9, that's just 50p a bottle! While stocks last, limited to 6 cases per customer
Not sure if its nationwide, Birmingham store


Not a bad price for bottles. However if you don't mind cans, the current Sainsbury's deal of 12 x 440ml cans of Carlsberg Export for £7.33 works out a lot cheaper - i.e. £1.38 per litre as opposed to £1.82 per litre for the deal here.

Carlsberg Export 5% 12 x 440ml cans, Save a 1/3 Only £7.33 @ Sainsburys

Also remember that Tesco are still doing the packs of 15 x 275ml bottles of San Miguel in their 3 for £20 deal = 45 bottles for £20 = 44p per bottle / £1.62 per litre.


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Ah okay then, well for the few that prefer bottles, and carlsberg export then this deals for you


It seems that 275ml bottles have become the standard now, instead of the more pleasing 330mls of old.
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