Carmageddon Max Damage on XB1 - was £15 now £10 Asda

Carmageddon Max Damage on XB1 - was £15 now £10 Asda

Found 30th Oct 2016Made hot 30th Oct 2016
Seen this in a few Asda stores at £15 and thought to myself if it ever goes to a tenner il get it, well nipped into Asda Middlebrook in Horwich for a few bits and spied this (quite a few copies) now knocked down to £10!

The guy at the Till had to manually knock it down in price but knew he had to as tho he's been having to do it all afternoon but it was definitely stickered at £10. Had an hour on it last night not as bad as I expected, bringing back some memories of the originals! Definitely worth checking your local to see if it was reduced in there, saw it at £15 in three different stores in the last week (Chorley, Horwich and Wigan)


good find op, heat added

One reason to get the game, actually the main reason >…-PC


​oooo.. I member

Still £25 in my local


Can't really tell if this game would be fun or not, but it looks like absolute junk in videos
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