Carmex Original Pot @ Superdrug for £1.79

Carmex Original Pot @ Superdrug for £1.79

Found 1st Dec 2016Made hot 1st Dec 2016
One of the best lip balm for the dry and chapped lips.
Size (7.5) Unit (G) Height (12.5) Width (7.7) Depth (7.7)
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Good price for excellent lip balm - heated. Have a look in the bargain bin in Superdrug first as they had the Snoopy branded ones in my local for 38p a week or two back.

I use the Vaseline ones from Poundland - they last the longest for me, all other ones just don't work very well, however I haven't tried Carmex.

Is this similar to what i can buy in Amsterdam with a latte?
It must have been declassified if you can buy it in the bargain bin at superdrug?

1.49 in savers today

I got 6 of these from tesco for £1.60! Boots retail them at over £3! So I snapped them up lol
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