Carnival: Fun Fair Games Wii £14.37 with Voucher(£13.66 with Quidco) @ The Hut
Carnival: Fun Fair Games Wii £14.37 with Voucher(£13.66 with Quidco) @ The Hut

Carnival: Fun Fair Games Wii £14.37 with Voucher(£13.66 with Quidco) @ The Hut

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Step right up! All the fun and excitement of your favourite Carnival Games is coming to Wii this summer. It's the perfect multi-player game for friends and family alike. Are you ready to rack up the points in a game of classic Alley Ball? Got the muscle to ring the bell in Test of Strength? Been practicing your accuracy for the famed Milk Bottle Throw? Ready to get wet in the Dunk Tank? If yes, then join the action as your Wii remote transforms from a sledgehammer to a frog flinger. Master all the classic carnival games and the ultimate prize could be yours - the virtual goldfish in a bag!

Quidco 5% off


Brilliant game - Voted hot!!!

I love the Derby....you know the one where you roll the balls up and depending which hole (if any) the ball drops through your horse nods along!!



Good price (RRP being £19.99) but quidco shouldn't be in the price stated box - it should show £14.37 as quidco isn't guarunteed.

£15 at Amazon and free delivery

14.97 at asda

got this game yesterday
loadsa fun
got it from play for £14.99 aint worth worrying over pence is it

I was going to buy this earlier in the week when i spotted what i thought was a good deal: hotukdeals.com/for…val

Glad i didn't now as the price with 10% beats my deal and quidco as well

sorry have to say STAY CLEAR OF THIS i bought it and its RUUUUBBBISH maybe play it once... the control are bad... the mini games are awful ! read the reviews and make up your own mind !! this is a game that will be 9.99 very quick..

Is this a kiddies game then or a Wii sports type good laugh for adults game?

the price has increased now, for this and other items at The hut. It is now £16.93 before the 10 % and 2-4 weeks for delivery.They nave increased the price of several wii games overnight to £16.93 so for that they wont be getting my custom, cant stand companies adjusting their prices just because they have offers on.

Ace find. Hot.

Truly awful game...
But I suppose if you're going to buy it you might as well waste as little money as possible
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