Carnival Funfair Games Nintendo Wii £13.71 Delivered + 4% Quidco!

Carnival Funfair Games Nintendo Wii £13.71 Delivered + 4% Quidco!

Found 15th Feb 2008Made hot 15th Feb 2008
This is currently in stock at Powerplay Direct for £13.99 delivered. Add the 2% discount code PP-02-DISCOUNT and this brings the price down to £13.71. Don't forget to go through Quidco for another 4%, this works out around 53p, making it £13.18 delivered!
I know that games are never to everyones taste but this is a really good fun game - especially for the kid's.

EDIT - Now costs £20.99 before discount on website
- the_man_stephen


Fantastic price! I resorted to getting this off ebay before xmas for £30!

is the game any good?

yeah its alright, I paid £15.99 for it off the shelf in morrisons and wouldnt have said it were worth any more than that, not a bad delivered price this though

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Just bought one of these, good price for a wii game, will keep the children occupied for a while. (and maybe even us! ) thanks op,
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is the game any good?

It's ok, i think it fits in the category of must try harder, The content is great the execution a bit poor

It's a marmite game. You either love it or hate it... Personally I can't stand it, but my sister and nephews love it.

Its not bad its lots of mini games with fairground feel. I wouldn't say its worth more than that. It got this about this price from Play before Xmas

bought this a few days ago due to a personal recommendation from a friend who has it, he loves it. just hope i'll feel the same way but for £13 who can complain.

before i get any posters asking why i hadn't posted this "offer" sooner (ie when i'd purchased it), the answer is quite simple, just got tired of the cold posts [sorry]

horrible game.. barely passable.. you're better off buying a better game such as mario olympics etc even if it costs more

I got this just after Christmas from Play and have only played it a few times. There seems to be a random lock-up error which causes the Wii to crash (unheard of?!) and it's needs a hard reboot to work again.

It's not a bad game, but it will more than likely frustrate you after 15 minutes of play. Some of the games are truly annoying, as are the characters and the one liners they come out with. Also still don't quite understand why they didn't use Miis in-game in what would have been an ideal use for them. (Nintendo copyright for their games, maybe?)

All in all, good for a quick pick up and play - the single most frustrating game has to be the one where you have to move the sensor over the wire without touching it (near impossible) and the ring toss is just unexplainable. Best played after a few pints with your mates, although the kids will probably love it.

It's ok for just over a tenner -some games better than others

The Mii's issues did take the shine off the game for me, its funny that i find the single player game more rewarding than the multiplayer one...... worth been in the collection thoug a heat rep for this price.

Oh bum, ordered and the status went from "in stock" to "on order from supplier"

Yeah, I bought this game a while back and the 2 previous quotes are true. It's got the "marmite effect". ,and I hate it! Poor graphics, silly game play , waste of dosh.
"Big Brain Academy" can be had for about the same and is miles more entertaining.
ps, I had the "Wii crashing" issue with this all the time.
Oh, and by the way, I love marmite:thumbsup:.

My kids played this on a friends Wii and loved it, but everywhere I tried to get it before Christmas, it was sold out. Glad to see it back and at a cheaper price so thanks for the post.:thumbsup:

Price has gone through the roof now £20.99. Bought this from play for about £15, not played it yet as its a prezzie for my daughters birthday on Sunday. Voted hot on price but can't comment on the game ....yet!

Brilliant little game, worth having and at a good price too!

Just ordered from Play now - currently £14.99 and then QuidCo as well...

I think this was previously available in a 2 for £25 somewhere and it is worth the max £15 price tag.

Loads of games on there, some quite similar but a worthy addition to your Wii collection if you are just starting out.

My favourite game on here is the coin down the slot, which falls onto the moving shelves and waiting for the coins to push the other coins to fall out the bottom. Its really addictive.

Overall the gameplay can be quite frustrating when you jsut want to play the same game again where you might have to press -, then A then A again to start... each time it taking a few seconds to register!

But overall a great deal if you can find it for under £15!

Got this at Xmas, Great for playing in a group; some of the games are rubbish but overall enough decent games to make it well worth getting especially at this price
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