Carnival: Funfair Games Wii £14.99 delivered @ Play
Carnival: Funfair Games Wii £14.99 delivered @ Play

Carnival: Funfair Games Wii £14.99 delivered @ Play

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Over 25 family-friendly games including: Frog Leap, Clown Splash, Ring Toss, Dunk Tank, Day at the Races, Lucky Cups, Hoops, Shooting Gallery, Hole-in-One, Nerves of Steel and even The Great Swami - the mysterious fortune teller.
Innovative Wii controller actions - use your skills to get the better of your rivals.
Win over 250 virtual carnival prizes like goldfish, pirate swords and giant stuffed animals!
Have fun personalizing your in-game characters with wearable rewards like the famous Viking horns and Bling necklace.



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The link is wrong - it goes to Wii Play but it can be found ]here! I'm rather tempted by this - I've seen it mentioned a few times with good reviews!

Hmm. IGN give it a 6.5. Saying "Somewhere between Mediocrity and Misery"

"Closing Comments
Carnival Games is a testament to consistent mediocrity; the whole package averages out to something that is neither incredible nor detestable. With 2-4 players, there are undoubtedly a few fresh servings of fun, but after a few bites, the fruit turns a little sour. Some games are complete throwaways, like the claw drop and bowler coaster, but there is enough here to keep a group of people entertained. If you have kids, this may be an ideal title to pick up, as its ability to charm someone into the world of the midway is both enchanting and unintimidating. At a "budget" retail price of $40, there may be further incentive to try this one out for a party or the kiddies."

But good price anyway!

I have this and its fun however I wouldnt pay more than £15 for it. If you intend to play on your own though its very dull. Its the sort of game youd take out if your mates were coming round for a few beers or for the kids to play with each other. Good price tho.

i thought the wii was designed for kids (and women) and therefore ther majority of games are designed around kids - this game is excellent for them and at that price and absolute bargain

u cant knock it for £15 even if u get bored after a week its £15 so stop moaning people

Good price, i have just ordered one, thanks to the OP :thumbsup:
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