Carnival Games: In Action - Xbox 360 Kinect - £14.99 at Gameplay

Carnival Games: In Action - Xbox 360 Kinect - £14.99 at Gameplay

Found 10th Jun 2011
Carnival Games: In Action on XBox 360 was built from the ground up to take full advantage of the innovative technology found in 'Kinect for Xbox 360'. Five theme-parks set the stage for players to swing away in the 'Batting Cage', avoid twisting tornadoes in the 'Hot Air Balloon Race', take a galactic journey to the red planet in 'Rocket to Mars' and much, much more...

Classic games like 'Alley Ball', 'Milk Bottle Throw' and 'Wheel of Chance' add to the family fun. All manner of interactive prizes and surprises abound, including pet dragons, robot cowboys, flying bears and ninja masks. In addition, Kinect for Xbox 360's voice recognition technology allows 'The Amazing Wodin', a wily wizard with a weakness for wit, to advise players of their future. Also making his debut appearance in the Carnival Games series, is the 'Monkey Barker'. Smartly dressed and renowned for his dancing skills, he promises to bring a fair share of monkey mischief.


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It might be crap but if your looking to buy this is the cheapest it's been.

Its cheapest about and its great for easy gamerscore so voted hot from me

Just ordered yesterday. Good on the wii hope it's the same but different games. Saw at asda for £21 but thought it was still to dear £15 is a good price. Bring on the kids there gonna get beat.
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